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Game today! Muvverwell...

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No matchday thread yet?!

With Hamilton and Killie losing yesterday and County at Celtic today, this is a key game for us. Not sure who's fit for this one, but would go with:

Fon Williams

Raven (if fit) Meekings Warren Tremarco

Draper Tansey

Doran Polworth King


I would definitely give Vigurs 30 min against his former team too. Mulraney should also get a run out.

Come on, Inverness: A morale boosting win to fire us up the league, please!

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Raven's definitely out.  As are Horner and McNaughton of course.


The back four picks itself, since McKay, Meekings, Warren and Tremarco are about the only defenders we have.

I wonder if Foran will be tempted to start Fisher instead of Doumbouya, given he did well as a sub at Ibrox?

I'd like to see Polworth in a central role too, probably alongside Tansey with Draper further forward.

Not sure who should play wide in midfield.  Cole has been the least bad of our attacking midfielders recently, but isn't really a wide player.  Doran, King and Mulraney have been pretty poor recently.

As tempting as it is to pick Vigurs, in the hope that he's up for it against a former club, I think he's been out of form for far too long.  Bench please!

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Got a bit of a must win feel about it this one. Though with it being so tight the 3 points would see us jump a few places.

I'd go with the back 4 of Mckay, Meekings, Warren and Tremarco. Partly because that's all that's available and because it's close to the best.

Play the 3 in midfield of Polworth, Draper and Tansey. Cole in behind a front 2 of Doumbouya and Fisher. No natural wingers but would rely on full backs pushing up, and midfielders roaming wide to cross. Though being at home I'd see no reason why not to go with 2 strikers. We'll likely need more than 1 goal anyway. :lol:

Alternatively play King over one of the strikers and have him play off the right. Encourage Tremarco to get forward and Cole tucked behind the striker.

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According to the BBC, the last five games between the teams have been away wins: time to break that run!

Hopefully we have a good crowd tonight and support the players regardless of how the game pans out.

It is time for our third home league win!

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Vigars seems to have lost interest only plays bit parts in most of the games I have seen. Tansey has his mind elsewhere although he does put the effort in so not sure what we can do. We need someone who can play alongside our centre forward, he is good facing goal but as a hit man ball seems to bounce off him Polworth might be the answer it would be good if we could get Christie back on loan. Failing that we will just have to cross our fingers.

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