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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Partick Th

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28th Jan @ 3PM, Caledonian Stadium
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We've only won 3 games all season and yet remarkably we are only 6 points off 5th place!  Clearly we have some problems and unless we start winning soon then we could become adrift at the bottom, but

Do we really need 7 stewards standing all round 20 kids, half a metre from their faces because they are singing at a football game.  Why don't the club just ban all singing and kids from the game

Hang on a minute. Teams like Aberdeen and Mothewell have considerable experience fighting the drop. We have relatively little and from a motivational point of view we gained ground yesterday with a po

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Interesting change. Sounds like Patrick were creating far too many chances and should be up. Glad to hear OFW has made a great save or two but you know something's wrong when you rely on your keeper keeping you in the game when you are home to a very mediocre and weakened side.

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Clean Sheet


We never looked like scoring. The players looked scared.

Another must win game slips by without 3 points.  Lose in midweek and we're done for.  

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4 minutes ago, bughtmaster said:

Well at least we have had a clean sheet.

True, but ultimately this was another step towards relegation.

Home game against a very makeshift and mediocre side, yet we still can't score, and the BBC stats show Partick had more possession, shots and shots on target, with OFW coming to our rescue more than once.

You don't get any reassurance that Foran knows our best formation or best line up, it's just rolling the dice when it comes to midfield and attack, hoping but not expecting that someone will do something.

I just don't see how we are going to get out of this with Foran in charge, all the evidence is that, great player as he was, he's just a dud as a manager. Hope I'm wrong, of course.

That's 11 without a win, against a string of poor sides. Foran himself said today was a must win, our biggest game of the season, and he failed again. The Hamilton game ought to be his last chance.

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1 minute ago, Ten4 said:

I don't quite get why it was a `must win` game >

I think the "must win" quote is probably a ploy from Foran to try and rally the players. Potentially it could have the opposite effect if it results in players being more nervous than usual, as might have been the case today. If ever there was a must win game however, it's Tuesday's game at Hamilton. They've been very poor recently, probably more so than us judging by their result against St. J this afternoon.

Sounded like we did OK in spells today, more so in the second half. At least Foran tried something different with the two upfront, and had the balls to change it before half time when it wasn't working. It sounds like our inability to create chances is largely down to a lack of confidence and players opting to play is safe rather than show a bit of creativity. A win could change all that. Let's hope we get a long overdue 3 points on Tuesday.

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2nd best all over the park. Sounds like there were a few casualties playing for us today, which might explain the flat performance. Fon Williams kept us in it and defence did OK, but we didn't deserve the win. Top 6 is a million miles away.

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Uninspired drivel

We are completely deviod of ideas and our confidence is shot

I couldn't get one of my favourite Frank Zappa songs out of my head all the way home

It's called "The torture never stops"


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Richie needs to knock this top 6 sh*t in the head now. We risk being put far adrift now. 2 points dropped today rather than one gained. Season could be over by the middle of next week if we don't pull the finger out

Edited by Belfast Brigade
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I honestly can't believe I used holiday leave to get afternoon off work for that! I'm pretty used to standing watching boring disappointing drivel, but that today was on a different level. I may have nodded off but I don't remember one shot on or near target, and the amount of possession we held was alarming. Partick were crap but seemed to open us up with relative ease and I'm amazed we managed to hold onto that draw. 

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It might just be me but some of the players just don't have the same fire in their bellies anymore.

I thought Anier was okay and had he been signed after we lost Billy Mckay, I reckon he could've gotten a decent scoring record in that team, but we just don'thave those players anymore.  And why oh why was Doran dropped?  One of our best players last week and now relegated to the bench.  Our team selections look more and more like they came out of a tombola to the day.

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