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Right, I'm going to chip in to the Vigurs debate:

First, booing any of your own team is entirely counter-productive: We need everybody to be totally committed and what more of a disincentive is there than booing by your own fans? I didn't hear any booing of Vigurs where I was sitting in North Stand, but if there was, it's certainly not going to help our plight. His move to County is irrelevent - not his choice.

On Vigurs' selection or otherwise, I don't think he's the type of player that we need in this predicament. I much prefer the Draper/Tansey/Polworth combination to give us energy for 90 min in front of a leaky back 4. Sure, Vigurs tracks back on occasion, but there have been plenty of examples in previous matches when TV evidence pointed to his inability to track runners throughout a match that led to goals against. Polworth has a bit of an attitude problem when he makes a mistake, but I feel he really wants it. Vigurs off the bench for last 15 min seems a sensible option, and he does have a sweet left foot.


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4 hours ago, ictbob said:

I'll say it first then.if we continue with foran/rice we will go down

I hope you are wrong Bob because Foran & Rice will still be here at the end of the season.

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Well despite the result, I enjoyed my trip up.....It was a game of two halves really, in the first half we had a plan to contain Celtic, and did pretty well for 43 mins, yes they go forward a lot, and got a lot of balls into the box which we kept out one way or other, I thought we were well organised, and OFW only had a couple of tough shots to save. We obviously didn't offer too much going forward, which was to be expected, although we got into promising situations on a number of occasions, only to let ourselves down with poor or misplaced passes or poor ball control. But we were heading to half-time at nil-nil and I was thinking it could be one of those games when we nick a point (or more)....and then Sinclair scored, it was a good goal fair and square. Unfortunately I was still sipping my half time Bovril downstairs, when the game started and I heard the Celtic fans cheer. I had the benefit of a TV replay to see that the ball bobbled before OFW kicked it, it looked awful, but he was rather unlucky....it killed the game for us though. With just one player up front it was going to be a hell of a struggle, it needed a big guy like Ofere to be a nuisance up front to help Mckay out. I felt for OFW again with their 3rd goal, as I think he had no option but to cover a crossed free kick, things pretty much petered out after that, Polworth had a great strike, and then they got the fourth goal....I was kind of thankful we kept it at only 4 against! Considering we were getting a bit of a drubbing, I thought Laing did pretty well, and Cole worked hard. We did miss Mulraney, as I felt King didn't seem to be able to trouble their defence. I thought RF was a bit harsh on the players, I don't think there was much shame in losing to what are clearly the best side in the SPL by a country mile, if the players can get back to the level of game they played against Rangers we should be OK, although it will be a close run thing,

I had plenty of sunny spells whilst up to get my usual number of iconic photo's of the town, but I must say it was fecking cold on my walk back along the Harvour Road after the match!

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On 03/03/2017 at 8:22 PM, Eagle4Caley said:

I had plenty of sunny spells whilst up to get my usual number of iconic photo's of the town, but I must say it was fecking cold on my walk back along the Harbour Road after the match!

Realised the road that runs from the Stadium past the Harbour is not called Harbour Road, but Stadium Road/Longman Drive etc etc!

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I couldn't get to the game as was in Manchester. When. Turned my phone to flight mode as late as I could and was hopeful of getting t half time at 0-0. Turned it back on when the flight landed and horrified to find we were 4 down.

Anyway, whilst we were hopeful we never really expected anything, so we must put it behind us and focus on the next game. 11 left to save our season and performances like the Rangers game can surely let us achieve that.

Just a pity other results this week have been a nightmare.

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Eagle for Caley.

Harbour Road--wasn't that Shore Street ....?

Your post --Factual. Deffo not histrionic, even the three "C"s....Cool, Calm and Collected. You are such a good fan of ICT !

As for Julius Caesar, maybe I knew him in a past life because tomorrow, 7th March, is my birthday AND the Ides Of March.  At 79 I think that only Jock Watt is an older geezer on here. :smile:

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