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Fans Survey Results

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Results of a fan survey into Scottish football

55% of fans do not believe Scottish football is committed to a high-quality fan experience
56% believe Scottish football doesn't reflect good value for money
63% are in favour of a pilot scheme to consider reintroduction of alcohol at grounds
71% were opposed to the Offensive Behaviour Act
52% do not want strict liability or were unsure about it
81% think Scottish football has an issue with sectarianism
50% have been subjected to sectarianism in and around football stadia
18% feel they've been subjected to physical abuse in and around football stadia
63% feel they should have partial ownership (including board representation) in their clubs

Oddly the results show that half of fans have experienced sectarianism with almost everyone thinking there is an issue, and 1 in 5 been physically targeted or attacked it would seem - yet 3/4 are opposed to the offensive behaviour act aimed at targeting sectarian behaviour and almost as many want alcohol to be sold at games (obviously we know that will improve things).

Only in Scotland could you expect to see such contradictory results - no wonder things never change. Obviously there are no details of 'who' the surveyed fans are or what demographic but perhaps we can draw our own conclusions. I would assume a lot of those who consider themselves subjected to sectarian abuse would account for away fans visiting their grounds and bringing the bile with them? 



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