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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Falkirk

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9th Jan @ 7:45pm, Caledonian Stadium
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The ball looked to me to be still in play and therefore he was entitled to kick it out the park if he wished.  The ref and linesman made some shocking decisions tonight.

Polworth Man of the Match!!  I must have been at a different game. Apart from a couple of decent passes he continues to give the ball away far too easily and gives up when beaten ,. How he gets a game

Caman, like many of the "clique," on here has been a regular critic of Polworth so all credit to you Caman, looks like you can finally see the number 7 on the shirt!   It just seems that if he dos

1 minute ago, DoofersDad said:

Don't count your chickens yet.  Falkirk scored 4 in the 2nd half on Saturday :sad:

..and we haven’t yet had the game-changing shocking decision from the ref! 

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Standing watching the Waltzing Waters here in Playa de las Americas,  Tenerife  and my mobile vibrated twice in as many minutes. Thought it was one of two things, ...... either Teide decided to blow its top off or my mobile was giving a low battery warning. Blow it,  Caley were three up at its wasn’t even half time. Is this the turning point of the season ???!!

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