The Old Thornbush Inn

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Hello Everyone,

I am researching the history of this building.

Basically, I have purchased it as a flat and while getting renovations done, it was speculated that this place has a concealed basement. I dont know how these workers came to that conclusion, but they are 100% sure that there is something below the concrete floor. This has got me kind of excited and interested about the history of this place in general. I am not going to find a hidden treasure (despite my name) I know that, I just want to know the history of it: when it was built, who owned it, when it was converted into flats etc.

Also, do any of you remember going there for a pint or two? Did the inn have anything upstairs for the customers or was it closed off? Did anybody know the owners? and lastly, does anyone have ANY pictures of the inn itself? I have searched and searched and gone through forums. The best image I could find was one of the plumbing centre next doors with the Inn merely inches out of the frame to the left :(

I found something interest on a website, it's like an archived land registry document and reads as follows:

"This house is two storeys with Attics; slated and in good repair; the property of Mr. Munro Spirit Merchant, Academy Street: John MacPherson Lessee Inn Keeper"

Any help, memories, stories or pictures surrounding this would be amazing!


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get ready for a deluge of comments !!! 

From my own recollections - I played darts and pool there a few times as part of a visiting team and always felt quite on edge. you never knew what might happen in that place !

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Use the search facility in the top right hand corner of the page, and search for Thornbush.   It's been mentioned a few times on this forum - might not be anything useful, but may be worth a few minutes of your time.

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I can understand Scotty's apprehension. By all accounts the Thornbush was even more dangerous than Heartbeat's "Aidensfield  Arms" which regularly seemed to accommodate most of the armed robbers and murderers in North Yorkshire!

I wonder if local car treasure hunt organisers were ever imaginative enough to send competitors down there to order a sweet sherry, a Babycham and a Pimms Number 1?

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