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Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline


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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Dunfermline

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21/4/2018 @ 3PM, Caledonian Stadium
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Come on ICT.

We can do it. :ictscarf:

PS - Then we can do it again on Tuesday, then next Saturday. Is there a legal football equivalent of viagra? :lol:

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This has been badged as a "must win" game, but we could  still pip Dunfermline to 4th place if we draw.  If that were to happen Dunfermline would be on 56 points and we would be on 51.  We would then need to win both our remaining matches and rely on Dunfermline losing at home to Dumbarton.  With Dumbarton focused on the play-offs at the other end of the table, I can't see Dumbarton beating the Pars.  Theoretically if Dumbarton managed a draw at Dunfermline we could still nick 4th by improving our goal difference by 10 in our final 2 games.

On balance, I think it would be simpler just to win today!

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Excited in kenya looking forward to the text and site updates.

Great to still be in with a shout and still have something to play for after horrendous end to last season and start to this.

Love the fact so many players have developed and got better as season progressed.

Special call outs to coll, ridgers oakley chalmers calder trafford and bell from the new team .

So much more to come from mackay 

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Win this today.....and it sets up another trip Livingston, with a huge game..similar to that EPIC game of 1st May 1999. Just so happens, that League decider, was THE greatest game of footie i have ever witnessed. Even at 4-0 down...within 20 mins, i said to my mates, i felt the game wasnt over and it wasnt. Sadly we lost that day, so its time for revenge!!

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