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ICT Supporters Trust : Board Nominations

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The ICT Supporters Society Ltd, in accordance with its Rules, is seeking nominations for board members to be elected at the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 6th December 2018.

There are currently 8 board members on the society board however, we will be looking to increase that to the maximum permissible level of 10. Numbers were previously limited by the level of valid nominations received and not by any decision of the Society.

If there are more candidates than places available on the Society Board, details of the ballot process will be issued along with ballot papers and copies of candidates' election manifesto. If there are as many or fewer candidates than there are places, an affirmative ballot shall be held at the AGM. Further details can be found in the Election Policy document.

People willing to contribute and serve on the Board must

  • Be a fully paid-up member of the Society,
  • Be nominated by two fully paid-up members of the Society,
  • An election nomination form (attached) must be completed and returned to the Society Secretary no later than noon on 6th November 2018.

A link to the election policy, rules and standing orders for general meetings can be found through the 'Documents' section of our website at Any queries should be emailed to [email protected] in the first instance.

ICT Supporters Society Board


All members will be sent copies of the Board Nomination request by either email or post.  If you believe you are a member and have not received notice by Monday 15th October, please get in contact via [email protected] .

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There will be more than 2 spaces to be filled.

The current board has 2 co-opted members who, if they wish to continue, will need stand for election.  There is also a requirement for one-third of the elected board to step down...they too can stand for re-election if they so wish.  The exact number of spaces will be advised when the official AGM notice, agenda etc are issued next month.

We would be delighted to have enough members interested in serving on the board to bring it to the maximum permitted fact, more than, in order to generate the need for a full election.  I'm sure you're familiar with the saying about volunteers and their worth compared to hard-pressed men (or women).

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