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Scottish Cup 3rd Round

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11 hours ago, Caley Stan said:


Where do you draw your support from? Are there any Meadowbank fans who just kept going along to same stadium even though the team changed? 

Also, I'm seeing six players with impressive full-time CV's and Jeffries as technical director. Who's paying for this?

I imagine there are a few who fall into the former Meadowbank bracket, the ex-chairman Jim Lumsden is one. Some will be long time Edinburgh City folk and others will be like me. I’ve only really been going to their games from the season before spfl status and that’s really to do with my son. 

I think a reasonable amount of the fan base are Hearts/Hibs fans, (myself included) who for whatever reason aren’t at their games, tomorrow being a prime example. 

I’m not privy to any financial comings and goings but as far as the players with the Cvs go it’s not so much cash and more to do with travelling. All of these guys are working/studying, and training and playing in Edinburgh suits them, as opposed to travelling big distances, when they may not get game time at the weekend.

Clearly having JJ on board helps and James McDonagh is held in pretty high regard in pro youth football. A few of the younger ones are in the “something to prove category” and have fallen just short with their previous clubs. 

As far as I’m aware there’s not a lot of cash there, and it’s a really small outfit. The fact Meadowbank is out for the foreseeable future  and the current plans for a replacement in no way meet the ambition for the club it’s difficult to see where the club is going to grow into.



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