Scotty ~ A Personal Statement

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image.pngThank You to everyone for the kind wishes and messages of support on here. I appreciate each and every one of those messages whether I know you or not, and whether we agree or we lock horns on here from time to time. I have also been somewhat overwhelmed by the private messages I have received that go into very personal details of your own or family member struggles .... and successes. I am humbled that you felt comfortable enough to share these stories. 

I am happy to note that at least 4 people in my circle of friends and relatives have used my situation as a motivation to go and get tested, including the wife of one of my friends who is off to get screened for breast cancer, a test she had been putting off for a while. I really cannot stress enough the importance of testing ... but perhaps the graphic below puts it in context. 

I have one simple ask of the users here, and its not one I make lightly. We dont ask for payment to run, maintain or update the site, we try to fund this through google ads or other ancillary income. However I am going to ask for money now, not for me, but for the Movember foundation via the link in my signature. If you click that link, you not only get a chance to read a ton of stuff about Prostate Cancer, but also the movements to reduce male Suicide and Testicular Cancer which they also support through Movember ... and as a bonus you get to see my handsome fizzog without the facial fuzz that has adorned it for the last 15 years !    



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All the best Scotty.  Greatly appreciate your openness and call to the lads to be prostate aware.  Not to mention all your great work for the fans over the years.  Long may it continue !

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