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Game 33 - Dunfermline (A) 16 Feb

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Please post your predictions in the following format:-



1st ICT:

1st Opp:


This thread may close automatically at the advertised k.o. time regardless of whether the match has physically kick off or not.

The NPL results and table update for this game are expected to be available no later than: 2200 16 Feb

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Mrs Gringo

HT: 0-1
FT: 1-2
1st ICT: Polworth
1st Opp: Higginbotham
Crowd: 4289


HT: 0-0
FT: 1-2
1st ICT: White
1st Opp: Anderson
Crowd: 4222

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  • HT: 0-0
  • FT: 0-1
  • 1st ICT: White
  • 1st Opp: Higginbotham
  • Crowd: 3775

CDN Girl

  • HT: 1-1
  • FT: 1-2
  • 1st ICT: Polworth
  • 1st Opp: Muirhead
  • Crowd: 3212


  • HT: 0-1
  • FT: 0-2
  • 1st ICT: Doran
  • 1st Opp: Anderson
  • Crowd: 3534
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On 2/15/2019 at 11:51 AM, MrCaleyjag said:

My prediction

HT: 0v0

FT: 2v1

1st ICT: Walsh

1st Opp: Ryan

Crowd: 4517

Caleyjag's prediction

HT: 0v0

FT: 1v1

1st ICT: Doran

1st Opp: J Longridge

Crowd: 4444

 *** Joker please***

MrCaleyjag would like Blair as his FGS for Dunfermline pleased thanks 

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