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Supporters Trust Meeting with the Club

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Just to let you know that our Chair, Stewart Murdoch, Secretary, Jennifer Aitchison and I met with Yvonne Crook yesterday afternoon.  We had a very constructive and wide ranging discussion which bodes very well for our future engagement with the club.

I am sure you will appreciate that in such a meeting there are things which are said off the record in order to help develop both a better understanding of the issues and mutual trust.  I'll therefore hold off from providing more detail until we have an agreed record of the meeting which can be shared.

What I will say now is that I picked up on several of the points and suggestions recently voiced on CTO in various threads.  Moving forward, I think that using the Supporter's Trust to summarise the often diverse views of fans as voiced on CTO, is going to be a very useful channel of communication.  I sense a genuine desire from the club to develop better engagement with the supporters and can say a bit more about that when we have the agreed notes of the meeting.

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The chair, secretary and myself as vice-chair  of the Supporters Trust had a meeting on Friday with the Graham Rae and Gordon Fyfe.  It was the first time that representatives of the new Supporters Trust Board had formally met with the Chairman and we had a very useful meeting.  There was no specific agenda but we spent the time chatting around a variety of issues and developing an understanding of how the Trust and supporters generally can link in and help with the work of the club.  They certainly seem keen to have our active input.  The Chairman felt that meetings every 4 to 6 weeks seemed appropriate and for these to have specific outcomes identified so that it becomes a channel for getting things done and not just a talking shop.  That is a very welcome response from our perspective.  On a wider supporter basis, Gordon Fyfe will be trying to arrange a second "SLO" meeting with fans to which anybody would be welcome to come along and discuss any issues of concern.  Hopefully that will happen before the end of the season.

The Trust has a been doing a bit of work behind the scenes on a few issues.  This includes working on providing better match day facilities for our disabled supporters, developing a survey for fans to feedback about the matchday experience and organising an end of season party at the ground as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations.  More detail on these will follow soon.

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