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Wlash being out is a blow and where our team falls down slightly. We've got an excellent starting XI but beyond that there is little to deal with injuries and suspensions though I guess McDonald will come in. Cracking player to bring in so lets hope that him and Doran can provide the ammunition for White to set us up nicely for the second leg.

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On 5/13/2019 at 10:08 AM, RiG said:

I see the club offer print at home match tickets now. Great for those fans who have been put off by a 50 yard walk to the main stand to buy a ticket before going to the turnstiles. Buy online, print at home and head on in. Easy!


I just download them to my phone and do the same for the wee man.  A tad inconvenient as I need to do two separate transactions whereas before I think I could "gift" a ticket to him but no biggie.  System works well and if you buy online it also goes on to the season ticket/ credit card which I have also renewed.  An expensive week, now expecting my player sponsor renewal to come in and I'll be greeting!  Mon ICT, be happy to pay for a couple of extra tickets for the final....

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Pricing : cant blame or criticise the club on this one as the SPFL seem to be setting the rules about what we can and cant do and how much we charge for the privilege. I will criticise when I think they are at fault for something, or making a dogs breakfast of things, but they are not on this occasion. 

Mobile Tickets : Glad to see the club continuing to make progress on this. I have used mobile ticketing for my Toronto FC tickets for years and it works great. Can scan at the gate right from my phone or can transfer to a friend through the app. Can also be sure of not missing renewals or purchasing my seats for cup games by setting my automatic ticketing preferences in my account. Hopefully ICT can do something like this too. I get an email from TFC ahead of any transactions with the expected timelines and then it all happens automatically unless I opt out. Also a good way for the club to offer additional season ticket offers to members during the season to drive in extra revenue.    

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