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Hall of Fame

old caley girl

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Hi the supporters trust carried out a survey on Saturday re match experience at the Caledonian Stadium. 

We didnt get to speak to as many fans as we would have liked due to helpers dropping out at last minute. 

The last two questions on the survey related to the Hall of Fame. 

1. Who would you nominate as a legend? The criteria is that they must have made a significant impact playing for ICTFC and now be retired from playing. 

2. Can you think of any memorable moments that you would like added to the list for and award on the night? 

I would be grateful if folk could reply below, DM me or Doofers Dad through CTO or email the trust on members@ict.supporterstrust.org. You do not need to be a member to take part. 

Also if you attended the match on Saturday v QOS and would like to complete a survey for us please contact us via the above methods and we can send a survey out to you. 

Thanks for your help. 

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30 minutes ago, Jack Waddington said:

Legend- Alan Hercher or Richard Hastings, maybe Pele, but I don't think Pele would come under the rules...

Memorable Moment(s)- David Raven Semi Final, SuperCaleyGoBallistic, Europa League Debut

Richard Hastings????

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24 minutes ago, Jack Waddington said:

First Professional, First International, and a local boy. One of our best players from what I've heard 

It would be a black ball from me on that one he is now a Coach at County!

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Legends :

First for me would be Ross Tokely. Maybe not our most skilful player ever but a guy who played more than 500 times for us and in every division. Each time we went up people wrote him off but he stepped up a gear. Other legends would be the likes of Bobby Mann, Alan Hercher, Barry Wilson, Ian Stewart, Dennis Wyness, Charlie Christie. Charlie must surely be a shoe-in for that as a player and a manager, a guy who has been around the club in so many different capacities since we were formed. 

Memories - too many to count but if you are looking for iconic moments then for me its got to be that picture captured of Paul Sheerin on Feb 8 2000 after his penalty or maybe David Raven (and the squad) on the guitar after our cup win.

I am sure I will probably edit or add to this post as I think of more but thats the first ones that come to mind.   

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Who is already in our hall of fame?   Would be helpful to know so we aren’t suggesting somebody already in it.

But for hall of fame I’d out Tokley and if a manager is allowed Pete.

Memory is when we beat Hearts in the Scottish cup 2002, another magnificent  unexpected 3-1 result 


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