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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Inverness CT -V- Arbroath

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28th December 2019 @ 3pm, Caledonian Stadium
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Going for a few drinks before the game. Hopefully the lads give us more festive cheer and three points to end the year. 

Looking at their record, whilst Arbroath are on a bad run, no one has given them a doing during it so hopefully we are not complacent: after what happened down there, revenge would do nicely!

Presumably Tremarco for McHattie will be the only change unless there is anything we are not aware of. 

Enjoy the afternoon all!!

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After being turned over at Gayfield last time we met, we need a solid professional performance to get a result.  It won't be easy though,  Dick Campbell is tactically very astute.  They are likely to sit deep and with Linn and Donnelly they have players who can hurt us on the break.  An early goal is what we need but we may need to be patient.

With the Dundee Derby ending all square and Ayr having a difficult game against QOS we could extend the gap between 2nd and 3rd to a healthy 6 points whist cutting the gap at the top by 2.  This is the final game of the decade - and what a decade it has been!  Getting a convincing win this afternoon would be a fitting way to end the decade so we can look forward to the new one with renewed confidence.  I'm sure the boys will be up for it today so lets hope we can get a few more than 2,000 into the ground to cheer them on.

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Oh. My. *******. God.

I cannot believe the ***** I've just witnessed. We're bloody 2nd in the league and are being played around by a part time team who's main striker works the bin lorry every other day.

There's supporting through thick and thin, but losing against easy points is a **** take.

I tried to stay til the end but I couldn't bear to see us losing every single easy ball, but eventually I gave up bout 5 mins from time.


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That was a feckin disgrace. Total rubbish from start to finish!    You would think Robbo and the coaches would have learned after the last two games against Arbroath what tactics would be an improvement. 

Alas no, feckin clueless, I used to the 1/5 Jordan was the Donkey, But I'm wrong we seem to have a team of them!

Jeckyll and Hyde appear on the scene , what team will appear next week.

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13 minutes ago, Eye Settee said:

? That... was... pitiful. Sad when we lose , and Mark Ridgers is man of the match. Says it all.

And for those players  who are not signing new contracts because they think they're  better than us. Get a grip. 

After that performance do we want them signing new contracts?

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Inverness CT manager, John Robertson: "We were horrendous, quite as simple and straightforward as that. From the first whistle we looked lacklustre, didn't have any energy, any zip, didn't move the ball about. It looked like the players thought it's only little old Arbroath - little old Arbroath showed exactly what it takes to be a professional football team."

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As stinkers go, this was pretty epic. Ridgers made three excellent saves, two of which were late on to keep it 1-0. Aside from him, everyone else was absolutely awful. Apart from an effort that was disallowed for offside, I don't believe we created a single chance of note after we went behind.

As Robbo said post-match, we were dreadful from the word go. We were slow, no-one wanted on the ball, and everyone's touch and passing was completely off. The swirling wind didn't help but it seemed like nobody was willing to take the ball down. Everything was headed or volleyed aimlessly away. If anything the subs made it worse; Curry and Todorov barely got into it whilst MacGregor followed everyone else's lead by repeatedly getting caught in possession.

It's worth noting that following the substitutions our senior outfield player was...Charlie Trafford. When the going got tough there was a clear lack of leadership on the park.

How much is Robbo to blame? One could argue that taking off Doran, who at least looked interested, was a terrible move. But to be honest, it felt like regardless of whom he played and what formation he used it would have been just as rank.

I feel like I should be giving Arbroath credit, but for what? Keeping their shape properly and not making stupid errors? That should be the bare minimum. And the bare minimum was enough to beat us today.

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