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Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen
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Dundee FC -V- Inverness CT

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4th January @ 3pm, Dens Park, Dundee
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this is more like it.  For once I am at home 'listening' to this via twitter and my football app .... cant get audio any more. BBC geo-blocking is too good these days and the VPN cant get round it ?


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Was out this afternoon but keeping an eye on the live text on the BBC app. Sounds like an excellent first half with most of our attempts being on target. 

It was then important to close the match out and, judging by Sportsound, we were well worth the win. 

Great reaction after last week. 

I hope the injuries to Storey and Trafford are not serious. 

Keen to hear from those there about how we did and what the defensive formation was. Was McHattie on the left of the central defensive pairing?

We seem to have somehow cemented a play off place with a 10 point buffer on the teams outside the play offs. 


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Need to start winning consistently and ensure we get 2nd place which significantly improves our play off chances.  

Hope Hearts improve as can't see us beating them to the title should we stay in the Championship next year. 


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Well I would bet mucho spondoolicks that the 194 ICT supporters who witnessed this performance would rank that first half performance as the most fluent and effective that we have played in a long time. I would class it as entertainment personified and the singing must also class as the loudest and most prolonged in years as well - even though a few idiotic barstewards tried to ruin it. Storey coming off at half time definitely affected the rhythm and Rooney was nowhere near as effective in midfield - although he had done enuff in the first 45 to win the MOM by a country mile.

We started off as a 4-2-1-3 but were forced into a 4-4-2 in the second half. I reckon we would have trounced them if it had stayed the same. We totally controlled the first 15 minutes and then we were treated to the goal of the season which will be very difficult match. McHattie fired a pinpoint 60 yard cross field ball which found Rooney in miles of space. He then moves forward and we expect a looping cross. Well he cut it back along the 18 yard line at pace and DORAN smashed it into the corner. And only seven minutes later Rooney is at it again and at the end of a speedy counter attack KEATINGS cooly chipped it home. And we all thought that Storey had smashed in a second but unfortunately it was the side netting that bulged. And as we drew breath we wondered if the second half would be more of the same.

Alas Storey going off, presumably injured, we probably lost our system. Brad McKay coming on at right full back and Rooney moving into right midfield. Harsh maybe but I feel that we should have taken on McGregor. But don't get me wrong - we continued to boss the game. We never really looked like grabbing the third but Dundee never looked like scoring either. We did play a low lying back four but they won nearly everything and our workmanship and pressing was excellent. The only negative is that we may have lost three more squad players but let's hope that none of the injuries are serious and that Welsh and Walsh will return soon.

Do it is a very happy IHE who sips his post match voddie and let's hope that 2002 brings more of the same.

Smileymometer to follow ?

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That game was the complete opposite from the Arbroath game. Every single player was hungry for the ball. Winning second balls headers. Passing was better. The cross ball forbthe set up for Doran goal was sublime. And the vision and pace for the break away for the second and composure to finish was excellent. Everyone stayed switched on throughout the match. Ridgers made some important saves to keep his clean sheet. Storey was subbed for an Injury but hoepfully more a precaution than anything serious.

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Ridgers ???? He is becoming a major bonus. Another deserved clean sheet and three tremendous saves.  

Rooney  ????? Simply superb in the first half. Not as effective in the second half when moved forward but covered every blade of grass

McHattie ???? Was unsure to begin with but he and Coll looked like a real partnership. And that pass to start the first goal move was "World Class".

Donaldson ???? Looked more like the Coll of yore. Won EVERYTHING. 

Tremarco ??? Solid if not spectacular but Dundee did play mainly down our right flank.

Vincent ???? I thought that he was superb and you could see him continually supporting and egging on all around him.

Trafford ??? Grafted but defended more than gave anything going forward.

Keatings ??? Very well taken goal. I felt that he too suffered from the enforced half time goal. Desperately needs a striker who knows how to be a foil to a number 10.

Storey ??? Has so much potential but frustrates me that he does not take people on more often. Still a striker to me and not a winger.

Todorov ?? Sorry but had a big chance to make his mark but did little to impress. Simply not a holding target man.

Doran ??? What a finish as only Aaron could do. He is the one person who you think could do something impromptu but lacks pace these days BUT still worth a starting place

McKay was a bit of a bomb scare at times, Carson is tireless and White looked good and hopefully continues to look over his shoulder at Toddy.

Robbo got it spot on today but I still think that he should have taken on McGregor at halftime but WTF.

And even Robbo the Ref gave us far more than he usually does ?



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29 minutes ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

Do it is a very happy IHE who sips his post match voddie and let's hope that 2002 brings more of the same.

Smileymometer to follow ?

Might be to much voddie or have you gone back in time IHE? :lol:

A happy New Year to one and all!  What a great start to the year something good to build on and I am looking forward to next weeks game again.  Well done to the team and the away support today, even on the BBC they mentioned Doran's goal more than once!

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