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Thought this was in reference to Aaron Dorans crazy challenge in the final chapter of yesterdays farce...looked like he wasnt going to carry on but with no more subs he soldiered on.

He'll be a bit sore today.

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1 hour ago, Satan said:

We have Toshney & Harper’s back, I suppose we should actually play these guys at some point. 
After recent displays we shouldn’t be expecting miracles against Livingston. 

Toshney is cup tied, so can't play this weekend.

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Passed the caley team training on the rugby pitch this morning. Didn't spot mchattie but Rooney was looking fit. Welsh, Walsh and keating's all training. Looked like a high tempo session. They will fancy a pop at Livi...?

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7 hours ago, MorayJaggie said:

Screenshot_20200204-091229_Samsung Internet.jpg

Some might say that serves them right for not getting someone else in before the window shut us fans deserve better than turning up to see a striker playing in defence when playing a Premiership Club 

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6 hours ago, Eagle4Caley said:

Any reason Charlie Trafford can't play at CB, next to Brad? Reckon he would do OK there

If Welsh is fit, then he's 1st Choice for Midfield, next to either Carson or Vincent

Charlie Trafford shouldn't be playing in his own position let alone 1 he's not comfortable with I'd rather see some alki pensioner from the north stand get a shout than Traff! Him and White have gotta be 2 of the worst footballers Iv ever seen tho Iv a soft spot for White he's like a character from a movie who somehow against all odds makes a living as a professional athlete

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