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ICTFC Squad Update 21/22

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1 hour ago, Stirling Observer said:

Roddy will be the best signing of the summer, potentially for years to come.

He is so good and has so much potential that, very sadly, I can't see him staying with us for years.

However, this very welcome contract extension, hopefully ensures that we will be properly compensated when he does move on.

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For those not wishing Carl well, I ask them what they would do if they were sacked by their employer and were offered employment at an even higher level by the only other similar employer in the area

Only greed and self interest stops there being 2 national divisions of either 16 or 18 with North and South regional divisions beneath.

It would appear that you are very much in the minority with such a negative view. Personally, I am more enthused about the new season than I have been for some time.

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Really pleased with both contract extensions :smile: both players will get more experience staying with us for now and if they do move on in the future the club will get something for them unlike others that have gone for nothing in the past.  Good for those working behind the scenes sorting out the contracts.

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49 minutes ago, Jack Waddington said:

Not wanting to sound delusional or anything, but I have a feeling Roddy is a Ryan Christie in the making. Only a matter of time before he gets snapped up by the Old Firm or a Championship side.

I don't agree that he the new Ryan Christie but the first Roddy Macgregor certainly has the potential to be just as successful as Ryan perhaps more so and perhaps also to generate more for the club than Ryan did when he moved on.

The initial fee for Ryan at £500,000 was half of what we should have held out for.

If Roddy continues to improve and develop as he has been, I can see him moving on for a seven figure fee and a decent sell on clause with an eye to the future.

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