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Rose Street Demolition

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Following on from a picture in the "Anyone Recognise?" thread, these are pictures of the demolition of the area around Rose Street, Innes Street and Railway Terrace, in preparation for the new railway bridge, road system and superstore which are now there. I think that they were taken in around 1988 or 1989.

My late father lived in Innes Street when he was young.  His father was born on Shore Street, played for Citadel, and worked all his life in Walker's Sawmill at the harbour.  The community in that area was very close.

The first picture below confused me for a while.  It's on Rose Street, with the multi-storey car park on the right, looking past the top of George Street, towards the Longman.  When I was very young, in the late 50s and up to 1960 or 61, we lived in a flat at the corner of Rose Street and George Street, just where the blue building - the garage - is.  I don't remember, but it must be that the building with the flats was demolished and the garage, which used to be further along towards Academy Street, moved to the top of George Street.






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The shop at the top of Innes Street, and the view down Innes Street.





Below - looking down Rose Street towards Academy Street, past the top of George Street.  I am sure that the garage used to be further along - there is an am baile photograph from the 1950s which shows the block that I used to live in, and the distinctive Esso sign in front of the garage closer to Academy Street.  The garage was always known to me as Robertson's garage, being owned by a relative of my father of that name - Jack or possibly John Robertson.


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For comparison, the picture below is from 15th April 2001.  By comparing maps, I once worked out that our flat at the top of George Street - or the garage in the pictures above - would have been just about where the lamp-post and  parked car are in the bottom left of the picture.


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Good photos snorbens.  It's no wonder there was so many accidents at work when you see the working practice in your photos even the danger to the public and burning the rubbish onsite. 

There was Robertson transport a local firm in Inverness that may be connected to the garage.

As weeman said you should sent the photos in to Inverness Remembered they might be good enough to publish sometimes some in past editions are not as good as these.  You can email them to emma.glass@hnmedia.co.uk including as much detail and your personal details as well. 

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11 hours ago, IBM said:

As weeman said you should sent the photos in to Inverness Remembered they might be good enough to publish sometimes some in past editions are not as good as these. 

Thanks.  I might have another look at my Dad's photographs.  I did have "Inverness Remembered" in the back of my mind when I originally scanned in all his pictures, but I didn't think that they were good enough. 

However, those above have been through just the lightest of processing with a  very old version of Photoshop - brightness, colour balance and minimal sharpening - and improved immensely.

My Dad himself has appeared in "Inverness Remembered" a few times - usually old Boys Brigade pictures - and my grandfather, aunt and uncle, and sister have all been in it.  About time we gave something back!

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