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Hearts League Cup


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I agree, with 6 experienced players and young Kennedy missing, if we hold our own tonight we will have done very well. Presumably Keatings not fully fit. 

I see Toddy is 77: first time we have had a number like that? If Alan is watching, Storey is back wearing 17!

Also shocking they are not allowed to shower after the game. Travelling home straight after the game is likely to cause more niggly problems or illness. The powers that be must sort that out and quickly!

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Add Sutherland to our injury list?

Pleasantly surprised so far. Hearts have had the better chances, and should have scored when they hit the bar, but we have been quick on the counter attack. 

Their right winger looks the danger man so far.

It will be a tough second half, but with so many missing, better than I had dared hope so far.  

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Matching them fairly well, their right wing is testing Harper.

And we have our first injury...

More composure in the final third and we'd have more chances.

Hearts will take control when we start to tire.

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Hearts, with all their additional finance should be better plus they have played a lot more pre season games so will be ahead of us fitness wise. Nothing like our full strength team either so as long as fitness and performances improve over the next few games, I'm happy with that. 

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