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Its time for Player Sponsorship for the 2020/2021 season. 

We have decided to continue sponsorship of CAMERON HARPER's Home Top. If we reach additional milestones, we will look to add sponsorship for other players for 'lesser' items.:

Home Shirt - £450 inc vat


To take part in this sponsorship you will need to upgrade your site membership and join the "Player Sponsor" group. We in turn will use the money received from these memberships (minus PayPal fees) to purchase player sponsorships from the club. We will set all memberships - regardless of when ordered - to end on June 1st of each year. This allows us time each year to gauge the interest in continuing for the following season. 

The cost to join this group is £16.00 (this amounts to £15.00 joining fee plus £1 to cover the PayPal fees). You may purchase multiple memberships if you wish, just amend the total in your shopping cart and add a note when placing the order if it is to cover family members who may not officially be site members!!!

  • ALL MEMBERS: To join the group simply go to this page http://caleythistleonline.com/store/ or access the CTO Store from the main menu at the top (under shop). All our site membership upgrades are handled securely via PayPal's platform which will accept direct payment from most credit/debit cards so it should be easy enough to upgrade your membership whether you live in Sneck or somewhere thousands of miles from there.
  • CASH MEMBERSHIPS: We do NOT take cash payments. Everything needs to go through Paypal. 

Once we know how many members have joined the group, we will decide on what gets sponsored. The first item will be the selected player's Home Kit ... but the more members who upgrade to "Player Sponsor" membership, the more we can sponsor. At the end of the season, members of our sponsor group will be selected at random to receive any gifts we may receive from the club. For any events that occur during the season (like sponsors nights or meet and greets etc.) we will offer first refusal to members of the sponsor group to attend as our representative. Eligibility will also depend on any COVID restrictions in place at the time. 

If you are interested, please add your name to this thread or go ahead and join the sponsor group. You will be marked as paid.png once we confirm payment received via membership upgrade ....


EDIT: As questions are raised in the thread, we will clarify any that need a response below: 

Technically the payment is listed as a 'subscription' when you pay, but that is internal to this site only and is done this way so that in a year's time it will generate an invoice on here allowing existing members to renew (if they wish) or to let it expire. Renewal (or not) is at the user's discretion and as far as paypal is concerned it's a one-off payment and there will be no automatic re-billing from their side.


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any more for any more ??? Many thanks to all those who already subscribed. Just bumping this up because we have 6 spots left and a few folk in the poll who said they would take part that haven't yet.  

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That's us reached the target so going to close it off in the site store now. Many thanks to those who participated. I think we got there in record time this year. 

If there are a bunch of people who still want to participate please let me know in this thread and we may look to do an additional item. We haven't had that for a few years but can look into it if we get another 10-15 interested people. 

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