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Taxi For Neil Lennon

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30 minutes ago, Kingsmills said:

Looks like County have taken our mantle of taking the scalps of Celtic managers.

Through slightly gritted teeth, well done to our fellow Highlanders.

They have been very poor this season so what does that say about Celtic?  Mike across the road from me will be smiling tomorrow morning :smile: for a change.  That's two big teams out this weekend!

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Quite pleased for them today but only because it was Celtic they were playing. Think that was only their first ever win at Parkheid, while we’ve had, what, three? Plus I don’t think they have ever beaten Rangers/Sevco, while we practically own them 😎 

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On 11/29/2020 at 5:43 PM, Caley Mad In Berks said:

Very happy to see Lennon's nose rubbed further in the dirt, even when it is County doing it.  Hope he does get his marching orders and disappears from Scottish football once and for all.

Mrs Canary calls him Mr Angry, I have a few other choice phrases for him! Wouldn't mind seeing him stay on a bit longer though just so we can have a good laugh at his/their expense with a few more embarrassing results. They've forgotten how to lose, gracefully or otherwise, nice to see them getting a few reminders lately 😀

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