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Ballot for Dundee game

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3 hours ago, Alan said:

Told I was successful in the ballot but still waiting for ticket details

Phone Stadium as some emails seem to have gone into cyberspace!   I’ve got my ticket but there was some sort of hiccup so, just check up to be sure of going to game.   Quote the email you received.  See you there!  


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31 minutes ago, Alan said:

Thanks to lizi I ended up having to phone the stadium where a very nice lady sorted out my ticket so now I am all set for the game

Glad to help.   I was panicking myself as I don’t trust emails to go where they are supposed to.   We will enjoy game, despite the distancing.  You will hear my rattle!!  


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2 hours ago, Moogthurso said:

Lucky to have got a ticket.

Really looking forward to it. 

Just seems dissappointing if we dont get the full 300 out if people dont respond to emails. 

Hopefully the new system for next game will work better. 

I hope so enjoy the game :ictscarf: You can't please everybody! 

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