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I'm not sure I think Storey was ever so slightly offside. Glad no one has said something like "you've got to give the benefit to the attacker" as there is no rule that says you do. You win some, you lose some and sadly we lost that decision.

All the positivity from the Ayr game seems to have evaporated after last nights draw. It feels like we should have won that but at the same time I feel that had we bagged three points we wouldn't really have been deserving of them. There was a strange moment when the commentator on ICT TV said (paraphrasing) that we deserved to be level if not ahead because of the amount of possession we had and the (half) chances we created but when we did go ahead started talking about a smash and grab win which I thought was a bit odd.

Really sloppy from Devine attempting to play that ball out of defence but also good anticipation from Scougall to cut out the low, driven pass and a nice through ball for Cameron. Not sure why MacGregor had his "goal" chalked off at the time but looking at the highlights you can see Sutherland held back an Alloa player to stop him getting to the ball. Cracking hit from Duffy for our equaliser. Smashing shot. Watching our second back it wasn't quite as good as I thought last night, bit of a scuffed cross from Storey and Keatings hits it into the ground but I would have bitten your hand off for that goal if it had secured us three points so I am not going to complain about it.

Sadly we weren't able to see it out. Harsh but correct penalty award for handball gave us the chance for a third from nowhere but Storey had clearly been watching Iain Vigurs and some of his spot kicks. Really weak and far too close to the keeper. Then Alloa got a penalty of their own and Trouten wasn't going to miss.

We really struggled to break Alloa down. For a period towards the end of the first half it seemed they were playing with a solid back 5 and at least 3 players sitting right in front of that back line making it nigh on impossible for us to get through. We just chucked high balls out towards to side of the pitch as we didn't have the craft to pass our way through them. When they went 2 - 1 down they came right back at us and after they drew level I think Grant realised that they could easily win it so instead of sitting back again they kept pushing for a winner. I wonder if they had been more positive after their first whether they could actually have been out of sight before we did get back into it.

Commentary was much better with two people there and Iain Auld is a solid addition. Andy Bannerman, if he could tone down the endless Wiki recital (we don't need to know every players youth team), would probably be fine as well.

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If we score the penalty and go 3-1 up then there is no way back for Alloa.  The way we were playing at the time, we might well have grabbed another and then gone into the Hearts game full of confidenc

Pretty well sums up this shytt season. The best 80 seconds of the season do far completely undone by the tail of 2 penalties. Ours taken far to casually, theirs struck competently and profes

I'm not sure I think Storey was ever so slightly offside. Glad no one has said something like "you've got to give the benefit to the attacker" as there is no rule that says you do. You win some, you l

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