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Colt teams...............again (but only 2 clubs of course)


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This is back again, presumably with the OF now hoping the difficult financial situations in the lower leagues can be manipulated to win a vote in favour


Why is it only OF teams that push this and are mentioned, why not allow any club to consider offering a 'B team' for voting - the idea of adding 2 spots for HL & LL is just a gesture to placate IMO. We have seen in the Challenge cup that the colts aren't always that great and this will deprive young players from those clubs going on loan to the very lower leagues they are hoping to enter and get experience of not just playing at that level but interacting with senior players - creating a youngster bubble just to try showcase how good they are or bring senior players back to fitness without having to accommodate in the first team is undoubtedly just another example of the OF looking to get further competitive advantage.

My opinion is that the idea needs to be put to bed permanently so it disappears for good or Rangers & Celtic (and any other team looking for colts) leave the Scottish league set up (going anywhere that can take them) and the open spaces in the system are open for application to new clubs (f which they can apply in whatever guise to start at the bottom) and see if the members choose to accept.

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According to Graham Tatters the idea was presented to Highland League Clubs at a recent management committee meeting and Elgin City expressed disappointment at hearing of the proposed changes through the press.

One thing for sure if Dundee say they will vote against it they are likely to change their mind at the last minute :rolleyes:

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