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2 hours ago, Fraz said:

Game off tomorrow as opponents can't field a team due to positive Covid test. 🙄

Are their women's team Ross County in disguise?

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With free entry, hopefully a few hundred will be tempted along and, for those that can afford it, a pound or to in the buckets will go a long way to help fund the team.

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24 minutes ago, Jack Waddington said:

Is there a league table available, or a h2h? Want to know if we're in for a goalfest or a small scoreline.

It will probably end 0-0, lol!

16 goals in our 3 games and 25 in their 4 games is an average of almost 6 per game…..

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+10 to us, and +2 to Grampian. Ran out of data just before 3-0.

12-2, dunno if I'll ever see another game with more goals...Unless we play some wee team in the Cup and go in with no mercy...

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Oops sorry Jack - I forgot that there was already a thread about ICTWFC when I wrote about the game this afternoon. I think I was just in such a happy haze with the score!

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[merged the topic into this main one]
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15 hours ago, IBM said:

The 2nd Round draw of the 2021/22 Scottish Women's Cup will be live tomorrow at 10:00


Drawn away to Clyde. Tie to take place on 19th of December.

Hopefully a victory and a home tie at the stadium in the next round.

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