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Going to my first live show since Feb 2020 tonight.  The wonderful Caravan (ask yer granda) playing at the lovely Union Chapel in Islington.  Definitely "classic music", and led, as always, by Tomintoul resident Pye Hastings.


Will still be a bit strange, because there will be no bar or refreshments on sale.  The venue emphasises the government guidance on wearing face coverings, and a recent review of another gig there said that most people were doing so.  Given the age of a Caravan audience, I expect most people will be wearing them tonight.

Details of new album and link to first single here:


Going to see the Peatbog Faeries later this month, in a much smaller venue, where the crowd will be a fair bit livelier than a Caravan crowd.  Looking forward to it, but with a little bit of nervousness.

Then next year, we have four shows postponed - sometimes more than once - from 2020.  Fingers crossed.

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Last week I had my first gig in 2 years, but the venue was something of a contrast to yours!

Manic Street Preachers had been booked for Caird Hall (Dundee) but the venue cancelled as it was in use as a vaccination centre. So rather than just cancel the gig altogether, it got moved it seedy nightclub Fat Sams! So you had about 1,500 maskless and unpassported people crammed in. Great to see a band in an intimate venue like that, but for that particular day, the vaccination centre was probably doing more harm than good.

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Went to see the RNSO at the Music Hall in Aberdeen performing Mozart's Clarinet Concerto.

Every member of the audience worw a face covering as did the venue staff. Eticketing only and Checkin Scotland App compulsory. 

Only half the seats sold for a concert that would probably have sold out.

Can't have made financial sense but both the Orchestra and the audience seemed to be delighted to be playing/listening to live music again after so long.

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