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Inverness CT -V- Morton - Preview


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First game for us since before Covid hit.

Must win game today, no ifs or buts, recent form has been nothing short of relegation contenders and only our good start to the season has kept us up there.

Genuinely think BD will face some very tough questions if we don't get 3pts today.

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A very disappointing half. After a couple of hopeful attacks we lost a soft goal and have not threatened much since the goal.

For me the formation is not working, and Pearson and Chalmers as wing backs are playing deeper than we need them which is limiting their effectiveness. Too many players seem unclear of their roles and who they should be picking up.

I’d change it and bring Carson on at right back and go 4 4 2, sacrificing one of the front three. That would allowPearson and Chalmers to get forward more than they’ve managed so far and hopefully create decent chances.

As things stand, Morton deserve the lead.

Its the first home livestream I’ve watched this season. Much better quality and decent commentary. Ross Tokely is spot on with his comments. 

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9 minutes ago, ictbob said:

Be a few more disappointed people when they get outside. The highland council's finest have been out slapping £60 fines on any motor not parked in the car park. 

I may be criticised for saying this, but I don’t have any sympathy with them. It’s been crazy as fans leave due to where cars are being parked this season. 

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Not a lot to say about that game! We were very poor, but so were Morton.

We didn’t deserve anything from the game as we didn’t create any good opportunities and never looked like scoring. Ridgers late save stopped it being even worse.

Our formation didn’t work in the first half, but the second was no better, and some of the substitutions were strange, particularly taking Chalmers and Deas off.

We seemed to lack confidence and belief throughout the game, and we created very little, resorting to hopeful balls and giving the front players little to work with.

We have senior players in Ridgers, Welsh, Broadfoot, Sutherland and Mckay, who should give us leadership, but I’m not seeing it in games.

I found myself relieved I wasn’t sitting in the stand and feeling sorry for those who were there. I was not surprised to hear boos at full time.

4 points out of 21 is a startling statistic. We are not title or promotion contenders as things stand.

To end on a positive, Nicolson looks to have potential. 


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7 minutes ago, lightwelter said:

Shocking stuff. Real lack of belief, players barely even challenging at times. I really don't want to hear another "can't fault the effort" interview from Dodds. Hard to see where we go from here atm. 

Nowhere terrible performance did the Morton goalie have a save to make

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Just painful to watch.

Morton won by a lucky goal, although they deserved to win.

Unfortunately we used up all our luck at the beginning of the season.

We just seem to be out-muscled and out-played in every game.

I'm afraid my optimism for this season has all gone now.

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Our attacking players were too easily tackled

Our players were being muscled off the ball all over the pitch

Too many passes went astray

Hardly any chances created, a real lack of creativity 

Woeful shooting, some absolutely hopeless attempts on goal

Didn’t win headers in and around the opposition box

Lost most of the 50:50 challenges

There’s a lot there that we can’t really blame the manager for.

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