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New Chair and agreed Goals

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The Board of the Supporters Trust met last week.  I have stepped down as chair with Jennifer Aitchison taking over.  Jen is well qualified to take on the role as she has recently had a term of office on the Board of Supporters Direct Scotland.  She will continue to act as Secretary meantime.  Laura Grant continues with a dual remit of Treasurer and Vice-Chair, Alison McInnes is now Membership Secretary and John West is taking on a new role as Media officer.

It has been a challenging couple of years for the Board, but with some sort of normality returning, we are determined that the Supporters Trust should have more of an impact both in making the fans' voices heard and in providing meaningful support to the club.  With this in mind, we have developed a number of goals to work towards.  These are as follows.

Short Term Goals – To be completed by AGM December 2022

  • Double membership year on year by AGM.
  • Establish a formally constituted fundraising working group.
  • Establish regular liaison meetings with the Club's Supporter Liaison Officer to develop a clear communication route between representatives of the Club and supporters.
  • Hold open meetings to introduce the Trust to non-members, to better understand fans’ expectations of the Trust and to raise the profile of the Trust. 
  • Co-opt people onto the Board to better represent the wider demographic of our support.

 Medium Term Goals – To be completed by AGM December 2023

  • Develop a programme of regular social/fundraising events.
  • Participate in a significant fundraising initiative in conjunction with the Club.
  • Establish a regular visible presence at the ground on matchdays to provide help and advice, and to offer a channel for supporters to provide feedback on the matchday experience.
  • Carry out surveys amongst Trust members to provide the Club with representative feedback of the supporters' views on issues of interest.
  • Establish a youth section to work on issues relevant to a group that represents the future of the club's support

Long Term Goals – No specific target date

  • To have membership numbers in excess of the number of season ticket holders in order to be seen as truly representative of the fan base.
  • To have a democratically elected fans' representative on the Club Board.

The plan is to review these goals annually and submit them in a resolution for approval by members at the AGM.  This is important.  The Board’s role is to represent the interests of the fans and therefore our goals need to reflect the priorities of those we represent.  We will be actively seeking the views of members on this issue in due course and are currently exploring a mechanism of doing so via our website.

We hope these are goals you can support.  But we are just a small group of volunteers and we will not achieve these goals without the active support of our fellow ICT supporters.  You can help us achieve these goals by joining the Trust here.  Thank you for your support.

There is some exciting activity going on behind the scenes and you can expect more regular updates in future.



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Hope this term as successful for Jen as her last stint as Chair which covered the Scottish Cup Final. Congratulations Jen and thank you from me Peter for all your hard word during a difficult time for the Trust. 

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