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Inverness CT -V- Albion Rovers - LC - Preview


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16 hours ago, Kingsmills said:

Some may say it was 'only" Albion Rovers but that was almost faultless and building on our previous games therr is increasingly much to optimistic about.

I agree in part. When we were 1-0 up, Albion tested us and created a few chances, with MacKay making a few saves. Had they scored, it would have been interesting to see how we would have responded.

The second goal came at the right time and made it a comfortable evening, particularly when we got the two early goals in the second half.

We kept possession relentlessly in the second half, trying to engineer an opening, which was good to see.

I still think we need a natural right back. Carson is a big player for us, but on occasions it is clear he is playing out of position and the Albion sub who came on and played on the left wing had the beating of him in the latter stages last night.

I’m optimistic for the season ahead, but think the Championship is very open this season. A good start is essential, and avoiding anything like “Gardyne-gate” and a bad slump at any time is key.

There is still a risk that teams come in for some of our assets, Deas being a prime example, although I think we have planned for that risk by bringing Delaney in.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the first league game. 

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On 7/19/2022 at 7:48 PM, Moogthurso said:

I hate this season. 

Our best squad for years. Youth hopes and senior quality. Covid gone. 

But I feel totally disconnected from the team . 

I can't believe how much more I felt involved with the live streams and away matches. 

I get to 5 to 10 home games a season but other commitments keep me away. The streams made the season ticket worthwhile. No coverage tonight no radio. 

Is this the first season I give it up? 

I can't even watch on a recording. 


I really enjoyed being able to watch our away games on the livestreams as I can seldom make those games.

However, we are back to where we were before Covid, so the combination of the BBC Sport app, this site and open all mikes keeps us in touch with how games are going until we hear feedback from those present.

Don’t give up Moogthurso, we all need your optimism from last season!!

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I agree that Covid is far ftom gone and we are likely to have players self isolating on numerous occasions.

However, so are every other in the division

After such a positive start, is there really any merit in activity going in search of potential negatives?

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Who’s getting negative?

Moog commented on his situation, which is understandable and I commented that I will miss the livestreams of our away games.

Both comments were factual rather potential negatives. 

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Yes, I agree. The live streams were a welcome bonus when I couldn't make some of the games last season, and I unfortunately couldn't attend the Albion game on Tuesday, due to unforseen circumstances, but could have watched it had it been streamed. I understand that the club want as many folk to attend games, but there must also be lost income from fans that don't live locally but still want to support the club. Maybe a better, or longer highlights package could be made available?

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