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2 hours ago, IMMORTAL HOWDEN ENDER said:

Staying at 5 but my only comment is "Who looked like the Premiership club tonight??"

We did!

5 for me but only if we show the same commitment and tactical awareness in the league next week.

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Started at 2 and as there is still an extremely slight glimmer of hope of making the play-offs, I'm finishing at 2, having reached the dizzy heights of 4 somewhere in between.

IHE, I look forward to your final analysis and conclusion, should such things emerge!

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Started at 3, dipped to 2, got as high as 5 after the Killie game, but ending at 3.

We have the potential, on paper we have the squad, but we are inconsistent and fail to deliver consistently.

This could easily be a season to forget that cements our place in the Championship and is another step towards becoming part time, but we could end up at Hampden twice and be within 90 minutes of an amazing achievement by actually winning the cup and qualifying for Europe (no, I don’t expect that to happen!).

Either way, a big decision looms for the Board and CEO that will determine our short and medium term fortunes. We need financial stability but we also need a competitive product on the pitch that inspires fans and retains and grows the local support.


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