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Daniel Mackay

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Not meant as a bashing, but I wonder if Daniel is as disappointed with himself this season as I am with his performances?

League stats show, 

3 goals

5 assists

Played 34 games

Goal every 688 minutes (7 to 8 games). 

Compared to Jay Henderson, who similarly is here on loan to restart his career. 4 goals, 3 assists in 16 games.

Daniel hasn't even been in the starting 11 quite often and on the bench. If he can't start in a bottom half Championship side, where will he be at Hibs?

Sad to see and sad to say that he has been poor. Maybe half a dozen games he has done well in? 

Looks like Neil McCann did well to let us get 100k or so for him from Hibs. 

See him being a journeyman round Championship / League 1 teams ala Joe Chalmers, as opposed to a Ryan Christie. 

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Occasional flashes of the talent that earned him a move to Hibs, but on the whole I think his contribution has been below what we all expected or hoped for. I’d still keep him on if we could get him on reasonable terms, he’s got something, and should be able to give us more at Championship level then we’ve seen in those stats..

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Performed well before at this level so his ability is not in question and would be harsh to say he has peaked. Either comes down to attitude and motivation or the coaching and how he is asked or trained to play. Hope he's not one of these youngsters who thinks because he had a bigger club move and gets a bit more cash that he's already made it and too good for loans and diddy leagues.

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Has been mention of him not applying himself in training during discussions at games because he'd taken the huff with being sent out on loan, but that could just be chatter.

Definite ability, as we saw at the semi final, but not shown enough that we should be offering him anything more than a basic squad player level wage if he was interested in staying.

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I have always said that he left us far too early in his career, he wasn't even a regular starter in our first eleven, and really hadn't fulfilled his potential with ICT. It would have been more beneficial if he had been loaned back to us right after his transfer, like Ryan Christie was, to continue his development, instead of in and out of the Hibs team. I know he had a bad injury, and then was loaned to Kilmarnock in the championship, where he was more often or not on the bench, but that didn't do much for his confidence and development. It all honesty he should have come back to us then, but he probably thought it would look like a backward step. He should be ripping this league up, but only shows it in flashes. In my opinion, I think Dan is a player who performs well when we are coasting or winning in games, but when the team struggles, Dan can sometimes be posted missing.

I really hope he turns his career around, because I believe he has so much talent, and would hate to see him drift from club to club and just be another anonymous player. Coming back to us permanently would be the best thing for Dan and ICT, it would give him stability and the chance to reignite his career. 

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I agree with the comments. I expected more from him, but he has shown at times what he can do. Whether that was down to Dan or the backroom staff we will never know.

I was really impressed last week at Hampden, which I thought was his best performance for us, and he clearly enjoyed his goal.

Perhaps being cruel, did he perform at his best as the game was high profile and he knows he is on the look out for a contract somewhere?

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