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NAPs Competition - 2023/24 - Final Standings

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🥳 💯 💥 Congratulations to CDN Girl for claiming the 2023/24 NAPs title 💥 💯 🥳 



CDN Girl: 287.80

Gringo: 259.00

The Caley One: 226.40

Jodie Carnie: 206.50

Scotty: 203.00

Robert: 202.00

Caleyjag: 201.80

MrCaleyjag: 158.40

NOHO: 120.20

Mrs Gringo: 115.50

The Mantis: 111.50

SOS: 91.50

Caley Canary: 76.50

Caley Braveheart: 72.30

Old Caley Girl: Bankrupt

Crown Jaggie: Bankrupt

IHE: Bankrupt

Wyness101: Bankrupt

Joonya: Bankrupt


Well done also to @Gringo @TheCaleyOne @Caleyjag @Jodie Carnie  @Robertand @Scotty for turning in a profit although in some cases, if it were real money, you'd be struggling to buy a pint 🤣

Not been the easiest, at times, this season to post however will be back in July/August for the 2024/25 season. Hopefully we can maintain the same participant levels, or maybe even entice others to play also.


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Thanks for running it again this season and we’ll done to CDN Girl.

I look forward to seeing if I can do any better next season!

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Congratulations to CDNGirl in winning the NAPS Bragging Rights title. Thanks also to you, @MrCaleyjag, for keeping this going. Looking forward to going again next season.


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My first time too and will definitely look forward to next season. Dropped like a stone in the second half and even forgot to get a bet on last weekend 😂

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Well done CDNGirl, nice to get the bragging rights in your house 😁

I’d also like to add my thanks to yourself MrCJ for your efforts in keeping this great, frustrating and perplexing game going - I’m glad I’m already a baldy or else the stress of this would have it dropping out!

Great fun though and looking forward to next season - cheers all 👍

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