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Will we ever score again?

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Time for a different perspective and reverse psychology. Three of the last four games have been blanks. Will we ever score again? We have some incredibly difficult games coming up in February - they are called away games.

Should Rossco be banned for shooting at the opposition goal? Should Marius be banned for attempting headers in the opposition penalty area? Should Roy be forced to pass even if two yards out with an open net?

Surely we must practice scoring goals? Our history is about attack and success scoring goals. Denzil has masses.

Motherwell used to be a happy hunting ground so lets get the season back on the road.

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Can't see us scoring, ever again.  The only team to play for a century without ever scoring or being relegated.  Unbelievable.

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Guest pompeyjags

not really paid to much atention to this thread tbh. but i assume this includes goals from og's??? and if so how deflated would players be if #1000 was to come in this way???

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We just ave 2 belive in the team!!

Brewster is hopefuly tranin up the boys well!!

as long as the team belive in it!!

We ave 2 try extra hard!!

as long as Brewster puts on da big boyz!!

I'll b rite behind the boys!

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