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Harry Chibber

If you received a bid of   

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Nowt wrong with the standard of the 2. Bundesliga. Not that this is relevant.


no sure there is not but suppose it is the choice of Euro football or second division, then again I am sure that keeping his placein the Romanian team also plays a huge part in his choice of move

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Whichever bid(s) ICT chose to accept plays a bigger part! I'm sure you will agree it was very fair and reasonable of the board to allow Marius to go to the club of his choice, to ICT's financial disadvantage.

You might also like to remind him that ICT is not a plc, and does not pay dividends to shareholders. What money they have goes into maintaining the best possible team on the pitch for the benefit of the fans. You know, the people he thinks so highly of? They are the ones who will ultimately suffer if Marius ends up getting the money that he had agreed to waive.

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Well there you go then, we can stand up in whatever court we land up being taken too and tell the judge we're not paying Marius Niculae because he cost us a couple of league positions. :rotflmao:

Let's just hope that we can also convince the courts that Marius was the one picking the team so as we can deflect blame from the management for making the decision to put him on the pitch. That should make it really water tight.

Alex, I think your falling into a similar mindset as the club seem to be insomuch as they have now apparently set along a path of "any excuse" not to pay the money, no matter how ridiculous it seems.

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I hope marius keeps the good memories of ICT and not the shambles of his departure.

The people who really cared for marius were his fans, and as someone has said, they peobably played a massive part in kick-starting his intenational career.

I disagree that marius held us back in the first half of the season - to an extent. The man had just come back from an injruy and did not have a pre-season like the other lads. He also had the added stress of a work permit which was inicially declined. It all boils down to the Managers' decision, and if CC or CB chose to leave him out then fair enough.

He played well against Celtic at parkhead and even gordon strachen stated he has ability that would shine through later in the season - which it did.

I, like everyone else, would love to see the club progress and come out of this a better club. Learning from these kind of mistakes (no matter how monumental) can surely make us stronger - I still fail to see that this can happen. The club have been tarred as an amature outfit, and until we get a more professional board/DoF then we certainly can't match progress.

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I think this has become a mountain out of a molehill scenario. I dont believe Marius is out to get more than he agreed to. Somewhere there has been a misunderstanding and it would be far smarter for the club to send out a representative to iron out the situation around a table.

To be honest, Marius has been a good servant to the club, even if it was just to get him to the Euros(or a good fishing destination), and if Dinamo can offer top flight and European football then fair play to the guy. He's more likely to get noticed playing in Romania by his National boss anyway.

We got around ?400k and if we have to pay around ?70-100k to marius as part of his contract then so be it. We'll still be ?300k better off as the original ?270k Alan Savage invested wasnt our money anyway.

But point is i just want the club to move on and concentrate on the new season and get some boardroom stability too.

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