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Aberdeen vs ICT

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It's almost better when the Beeb coverage goes haywire - it's garbage at the best of times! Did i just hear them discussing 'the team from Inverness'? That'll be us then...

At least the news is good. Come on Inverness....!!!!

**** - that sounded close! Fantastic saving tackle on Miller by Granty!!!

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What a result, just the start we needed to the season.

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well done lads :rotflmao: a lot of fans celebrating,yet a few days ago were slagging brewsters coaching abilties off,looks like he got it spot on today with midfield dominating and munro+tokley rocks at the back,any humble pie being eaten???

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:rotflmao: ;) :thumb04:

Absolutely superb! I didn't think we stood a cat in hells chance today!

Chuffed for McBain, he was so gutted to have given the ball away last game,

which lead to them winning!

Well done lads - already more points than after first 6 games last season! :018:

What a start!

Mrs PB

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