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  1. will the vouchers work on tickets?

    was planning on using them to go to the cup game on the 20 whateverit is with the missus

    yes, you can use them for tickets

  2. I think the one's used by the players also has the names on it because the advert did say "Be on the pitch next season."

    That is my understanding too.

    This is just a guess but I think the away top the players wear will have the names, the away top received by those who paid to have their names on it will also have the names, but the 'replica' top sold in the shop to everyone else probably wont ...... this will distinguish the limited edition tops from normal tops.

    perhaps Angela or someone else from the stadium might confirm ?

    Got it in one Scotty  :022:

  3. Although this thread is supposed to be for ICT related links, I am going to leave it here as it is so **** funny !!!!

    do we still have a nessie mascot (as well as I-CaT) .... that track would be perfect for it to dance to on the park ..... there, made it ICT related  :015: :015:

    Is now a good time to cringe? :029:

    That IS Nessie - he's just taken off his replica top for his trip to NY!

    Who's cringeing now?  :015:

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