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  2. Care for a wager my man St Mirren will beat them they were on a decent run of form and Utd have a tendency to bottle big games
  3. The ghosts of Neville Chamberlain and Ramsey MacDonald have ceased to argue about which one of them was the worst Primd Minister since the union of the parliaments both recognising that the present incumbent is now unchallengable in that respect. Perhaps though, only until the next one.
  4. Poor effort this time. Nobody will bite.
  5. There will be a number added and the special anniversary game need not necessarily be pre season. The fact that we are beginning to publish them already is further well one evidence of improved communication and PR.
  6. it's great that for once we've actually announced our fixtures rather than finding out about them through the other clubs. credit where it's due for this one, great communication, it's what we've been wanting over the years.
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  8. St Mirren will stay up far better team than dufc tbh I'd rather see the Arabs sad to see them down here for years I can still mind there glory days i.e. Gothenberg
  9. They are good at staying up and tbf take thro a fair few young players tiny budget they do ok ! They're defo nobody's 2nd favourite team tho!
  10. I'm with Kingsmills as well and given DU have been down for three seasons they'll be used to dealing with the financial aspect of the Championship a lot better than St Mirren probably will, yes they'll have to probably cut but not as drastically as St Mirren. For me DU have a better squad and some better individuals compared to St Mirren that I'd be glad to see the back of.
  11. Cameron called the referendum in an attempt to unite his party but it has rather spectacularly back fired. Latest polling suggests that the Tories might actually slip as low as 6th in Scotland. What is really extraordinary is that in the UK as a whole, a party that did not even exist at the time of the referendum is set to win more votes than the Tories and Labour combined. Cameron's miscalculation appears to have changed the face of British politics for ever. Interesting times ahead.
  12. Not going to lie, the currently arranged fixtures are kinda disappointing...thought it was going to be special opposition, for the 25th Anniversary, but what's been named is Highland League sides...fingers crossed more exciting fixtures will be announced 🤞
  13. That's a fair point but on balance I think I'm with Kingsmills on this one. I think that with Dundee also in the Championship there would be a big rivalry between the two Dundee sides which would tend to spur the 2 of them on. I think Dundee will be stronger if Dundee Utd are also in the division. But I also think Dundee Utd will probably be stronger than St Mirren despite the parachute payments. Anyway you look at it, I would reckon that it will be Dundee plus the loser of the play-offs who will the favourites to go up next season.
  14. On this occasion i do not agree with you if it is St Mirren that join's us in the Championship they will have the Parachute payment but if it is DU they will only have to cut their cloth even more if they have another year in Championship which might just weaken them
  15. Hamilton are releasing quite a few players, so Rice will be looking to fill his squad. Accies have been avoiding the drop for years now, that's their only ambition - to finish 10th. They are pretty good at it though. Maybe next year...
  16. and where it goes right we give them credit. Its called balance and you used to look for it !
  17. Dundee United host St Mirren this evening in the first leg of the play off final. Although it sticks in the throat, Hoping for the Arabs to prevail. A team with much more money than us and a competent manager. Would much rather be facing St Mirren four times next season.
  18. See Brian Rice linked with a few decent names must have a bit of money to play with what a job he's done so far Accies gotta be the most over achieving club in scotland
  19. Good man Robbo now show Dundee what they missed out on by winning the league
  20. We must be due another rant from Laurence or CB 😆
  21. Depends on whether Scotland has been admitted by then
  22. The best way to deal with Dundee's disgraceful conduct is to do what we did in 2010 and beat them to the title and to promotion.
  23. Just voted in the European Parliamentary election. Very much looking forward to doing so again in five years time.
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  25. TBH its been my first season down and I enjoyed quite a number of games. Watched a few duff ones but overall there was generally an intention to attack even if the execution wasn't quite up to it in every game. The games against County were pretty barnstorming - particularly the Dingwall scrap around Christmas. -tive The atmosphere isn't magic but the difference in watching a game at Highland RFC, where everyone gets behind and is very positive towards the team, and some of the abuse hurled at home players at ICTFC, was a bit of an eye opener. Yes you pay money and theoretically you can then yell what you want, but offering pearls of wisdom such as "You're sh*te" isn't exactly helpful or funny. Seems like a few grumpy folk winding themselves up even further! Cant be good for the blood pressure. +tive Enjoyed a lot of the U18 games. Shame they didn't get more of a run about in 1st team, but if they stick together there's a core who I'm sure can do something good for Inverness. Don't want to keep harking on about HRFC but out of their team thats just gone to Div 1 18 out of the squad 23 have come through their youth system. Its the way to go.
  26. Great catching up after a day in Edinburgh where friends were saying to me that JR was going to read the statement from the club. Well done to all concerned and JR
  27. Says a lot for Robbo that he immediately reported it to the club. A manager with integrity.
  28. We were ultimately disappointed but, with a third place finish, play off semi final and Scottish Cup semi final all on a shoestring budget, I think that's very harsh.
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