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  2. I'm in. Going down on Friday with Zogg and meeting Crusher, onward to Hampden on Saturday morning. Bring it on..........
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  4. Which is still plenty of time. The main thing is that we know the venue, date and time. Getting as many tickets as anyone wants will not be an issue.
  5. Got to agree with Mantis here. I'm expecting Hearts to take a pretty heft support through. Maybe not the full 20k but not too far short.
  6. and a fair bit more even if we don't.
  7. IBM

    Rendalls Rambles

    Thanks to James Rendall for this and look forward to reading more. His main blog is well worth a read as well what a lot of travelling!
  8. Scotty


    Calling you bloggers out there ....... the forum software we have has had a few updates over the years and the blogging portion of it is no exception. It now has the ability to pull in a feed of articles from your own hosted or self-hosted blog and allow you to bring them to a wider audience. Whether your blog is ICT related or about something else reasonably relevant to our audience, feel free to set one up on here and pull your articles in. I have done it with my 'Across the Pond' blog and gallery about Toronto FC and the example can be seen here : For our users, it may give them some more interesting football articles to read like James Rendall's excellent article that Mannie uploaded this week and for you bloggers out there it allows the posts you make on your own blog to be advertised here with a link right back to your blog that will drive traffic to your site .... a win-win for everyone. We wont put any restrictions on this to begin with but if anyone starts posting anything inappropriate then we do reserve the right to suspend or block that particular blog feed from the site and remove blogging permissions on the account. If anyone wants more info or needs help to set one up, let me know. We would really like to encourage more people to write opinion pieces or import interesting articles from their own blogs .....
  9. Why are some fans so hell-bent on dwelling on negatives? Quickest way to depression. Please dwell on the great days, the Caley Ballistic days, the 9 Men v Hearts, the Scottish Cup semi and final, the recent quarter final v Dundee Utd. I go to all games in hope rather than expectation - and savour these great times. Please let the semi, and maybe final, help the Clubs finances and be positive of the future - PLEASE.
  10. Surely there should be some news by now. Were the Supporters Trust, with their 10% interest there, and therefore anyone of their representatives give an update ASAP please.
  11. wynthank15

    4G Pitch?

    Scarlet, You second para is spot on, your hamstrings, gluts and lower back all tighten putting strain on discs and surrounding tissue, I've had physios having to use their elbows to loosen off some of the muscles I think it has everything to do with the base used under these pitches which is not as forgiving as grass. I think the exercise you do will definitely help, a more radical variation of the same exercise is, find a table that is a comfortable height, lay one leg at 90 degrees on the table, keeping the other leg straight, then lean forward slowly, you will feel the stretch in your hammys, gluts and lower back, then repeat with the other leg. These are big muscles and need a strong stretch regularly to lengthen them.
  12. Hope for the best....expect something a bit less. News from AGM last night is that we're still haemorrhaging money, so every penny counts and I'd love for it to be nearer your estimation than mine.
  13. As we are hosting the fizzy pop cup final on a small staff I expect tickets not to go on sale till next week tbh.
  14. Aye a lot more if we get to the final
  15. Jeezo Don, I said it was a ball park figure! I thought I was agreeing with you 😂 FWIW, I think Hearts will bring upwards of 20000, considering it’s their first Scottish Cup semi for 7 years and first trip to Hampden for 6. Not sure how many giraffes though 👻
  16. £100K is not to be sniffed at and it will probably be more.
  17. TFC edge out the Revs Scotty's ViewFromTheSouthStands at Toronto FC After a good road win in Philadelphia in week 1 and no game in week two it was back to business this week with the home opener against New England Revolution. The Revs have stuttered out of the gate this season drawing 1-1 in Dallas on week 1 and then losing to Columbus last week in their own home opener but its early days. This fixture has gone the way of the home team for the last six games and you have to go back to 2015 to find an away win so hopes were high. The rumoured return of Jozy Altidore to the squad and the imminent arrival of Alejandro Pozuelo also helped buoy the mood and clear the gloom that was the Concacaf Champions League exit at the first hurdle. View the full article
  18. New Security Procedures View the full article
  19. Scotty

    Red Bull***t !!

    Red Bull***t !! View the full article
  20. Perhaps, like Brexit, it has been delayed ?
  21. Where is Sheepslagger and Weekend Hacker when we need them ?
  22. I understand the AGM was last night? I'm surprised that there isn't any talk about it on the forum. Given the less-than-impressive accounts and the recent staff turnover, I was wondering if any interesting info had come out of it?
  23. Eh? There's nothing emotional expressed in those posts....they are simply part of a discussion on the (perceived) realities of a situation. In saying that, if we were to attach emotion then I'm not sure being happy about getting a pittance from the semi final would be appropriate!!
  24. You a so happy soul Don - glass seems always half empty these days.
  25. 75000 combined? You're having a giraffe!! Even assuming 50000 for the other game, there's no chance our game will do 25000. Take off the SFA/Sponsor/club freebies as well. A not inconsiderable number of tickets will be concession and in the cheaper seats, so I think we'll be struggling to do £20/ticket average. Then there's all our own expenses, player bonuses, accomodation (I imagine they'll stay down at least the night before) etc. So, yeah, gross income may be more...but, as I said, net figure will be lucky to get into 6 figures.
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