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  2. They have published initial games, contingent on Government confirming fans will be allowed to attend: I hope I’m wrong, but I suspect fans will not be allowed given today’s developments. Presumably that will mean the games not going ahead, but who knows.
  3. RiG

    The season ahead

    I think, when we look back on this saga, we can all agree to blame rugby fans for the situation we found ourselves in.
  4. I find this slightly odd, given that watching a football match is an outdoor activity, and the current thinking is that the risk of passing on the virus outdoors is low. I would have thought that a well-supervised and socially-distanced crowd - which might simply mean spreading out a normal crowd for the Championship and League 1&2 clubs - should be OK. Especially if they are self-policing as well - i.e. calling out anyone who is being stupid. Doofer's Dad posted his message above whilst I was typing this, but I thought I'd give you my tuppence-worth anyway.
  5. Even with no restrictions, there would be a good number of folk who would not feel safe attending and therefore crowd numbers and gate receipts would be down. But obviously there will be restrictions on numbers whenever fans are allowed to come back and therefore any likely scenario is certain to see a major drop in income for the club. Sponsorship money is also likely to be down as local businesses struggle to keep afloat. We are being told that the main cause of spread of the virus is having people in each others houses. This is because in the home environment there is not good ventilation and people do not follow the same hygiene, cleaning and social distancing practices which the indoor hospitality sector has to follow. It seems to me that in an outdoor environment of a football stadium where there is socially distanced seating, people are required to wear a face covering and there is controlled admission and exit procedures, the risk of transmission is pretty low and probably lower than in pubs and restaurants. Unless the Governments have evidence that the pilot games for allowing fans to attend has led to virus transmission, then it seems a bit perverse to put the pilot programme on hold. Surely it makes more sense to continue with the pilots in order to get firm evidence of whether allowing limited numbers of fans into grounds leads to virus transmission or not. If it doesn't, then fans could be allowed in more generally and further pilot programmes could then look at the impact of larger numbers being allowed in. It is likely that some clubs are not going to survive this crisis. If there is a prolonged delay in getting fans back into grounds then the impact on Scottish football could be catastrophic. When governments are telling us they are trying to get the economy moving again, they need to explain why they seem hell bent on preventing football clubs from generating any income.
  6. Boris J, much as he would like to , has no say in the matter north of Gretna.
  7. Agreed. If the club is in difficulty then I hope that they will be candid and say so and I am sure that those of us in a position to do so will chip in what we can afford to keep things afloat. The new measures announced today seem sensible and proportionate given the recent upsurge in infections.
  8. IBM

    The season ahead

    My glass is half full 🥃 Can our club survive with the existing sponsorship and season ticket sales? I hope that is the case.
  9. Sturgeon has now said that the phased return of fans from October is “unlikely”. I think we can take that to mean it won’t be happening- she couldn’t ban folk from visiting their parents but then say it is ok for football matches to have crowds.Not good news for clubs. 🙁
  10. Boris J is basically saying that restrictions continue for 6 months so I don't see us survive without financial aid
  11. The recent developments on COVID measures surely reduce the prospect of fans getting into stadiums any time soon. Teams in our league just aren’t viable without crowds. What’s going to happen, will there even be a season 20/21 for us? 🤷‍♂️
  12. Here is the latest update ICT H2H Highest Scorer 88 Dean Lowest Scorer 28 Stokie Chap Highest Score Game 154 Reigate Rovers 66-88 Dean League 1 The Bhoys 6 (131) 2 The Jaggies 6 (126) 3 Alfoquia Lads 6 (113) 4 Chorley Caledonian 6 (98) 5 Los Lobos 4 (117) 16 Calthis 0 (112) 17 Leighton Orient 0 (99) 18 Oliemi Villa 0 (97) 19 Oh Well One More Go 0 (92) 20 O'Shins X1 0 (71) Classic Highest Scorer 91 Biscay Bandit Lowest Scorer 32 Stokie Chap/ Bored cold communist / Sacked By Christmaa League 1 Urcal Girl 149 2 Relegation Favourite 147 3 The Bhoys 131 4 Mercat Untd 129 5 ICT Paisley 128 29 Stokie Chap 89 30 Bored cold communist 84 31 Sacked by Christmaa 82 31 O'Shins X1 71 31 Ibangedyermam 67
  13. I never even noticed. Must have been fun in your house last season then.
  14. Last week
  15. 5th 6th and 7th in our house
  16. Two things. I agree that O'Connor has been brave in speaking about his issues which may have been the reason for his ill discipline but it doesn't distract from the fact that he was extremely ill disciplined. Secondly; you, like me, have no idea whether or not Stokes also has similar issues. Many people who do, quite understandably, do not wish to go public with them.
  17. That's a bit harsh on O'Connor , considering the well publicised demons he has had to deal with since he shot to fame. Fighting addiction and dealing with suicidal thoughts isn't quite what comes to mind when you call someone " least disciplined " . At least he is involved with trying to help others now, something I'm not sure Stokes would bother with if and when the wheels come off his gravy train.
  18. Ryan Christie scored in Celtic’s 3-2 win against Livingston whilst Iain Vigurs scored the only goal as County beat St Johnstone.
  19. Good shout that, thanks for the nudge... 01 - 212 - Gringo 02 - 209 - Robert 03 - 186 - Mrs Gringo 04 - 182 - Caley Mad in Berks 05 - 179 - old caley girl 06 - 177 - Ictross 07 - 176 - caleycalum 08 - 165 - CDN Girl 09 - 164 - MrCaleyjag 10 - 160 - Doofer 10 - 160 - JodieC95 Everyone else..
  20. Cheers Gringo, good that you are keeping this going. Hopefully you are able to reintroduce the crowd section soon, but I suspect it won’t be for a long time. Is it worth putting up a list of joker entitlement? Maybe we should all use them in the first games in case we get another season suspended!
  21. It's been a while folks since we've played this. I just have to remember how to do it all again after a six months. Not sure if you've seen the Rules update or not but, just to remind you all, I've suspended the Crowd Section for obvious reasons. I just can't have you all scoring 10 points every match 😂. If it ever gets back to normal I will reintroduce the section. I'd also like to thank you all for your support and kind comments about the NPL. It will continue in it's usual format. So, without further ado.....predict away for Game 01 HT: FT: 1st Scorer ICT: 1st Scorer Hearts:
  22. Dean Ebbe scored and had an assist for TNS in the Europa League last night, but was one of two who then missed penalties in the shoot out as they went out in the Faroes. If he’d scored his they’d have gone through.
  23. St. Iturnan, somehow became Killearnan
  24. I didn't know St Columba had a nephew called Killearnan. I found the grave of my 3rd great grandparents there although no sigh of my great grandparents.
  25. Great credit to those who give up their time for no financial reward to administer the Highland League for organising even a truncated competition in the current circumstances.
  26. Obviously pushed back now. If the idiots who have been flouting the rules now start obeying the new stricter measures their conduct has brought about rather than carping about them then we may still get back into grounds by the end of the year.
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