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  2. Also sent several messages (wasn't easy to find a way to contact club on website, I'm sure there used to be ail addresses but now there's just a submit comment type thing. Which wasn't easiest to find). Weeks later, no reply. Sent a further message which got a response. Saying... Emails missed due to IT issues 😅😅. Seriously. Got to laugh. Sometimes I really do wish it was easy to change your football team as it was to change your car or supermarket or brand of trainers.
  3. Yesterday
  4. I also sent an email to Scot Gardiner on the 28th of October outlining the issues encountered with the initial stream and suggestions to resolve or improve them. To date I have had no acknowledgement let alone any reply. I tried tweeting him this week also to no avail. Woeful. Every time I think we as a club might be improving communication with the fans it just gets worse. Just keep giving us your money as we blunder on and ignore you! Shame as the lads on the pitch are doing a decent job.
  5. Ha ha. Its good news though...
  6. Typical! By the time I am lucky in the ballot, nearly everyone will be allowed in.
  7. And "switching you to a backup server" probably had nothing to do with the streaming, but gave you a way in which bypassed the usual user authenticaton.
  8. That makes a lot of sense. England has announced up to up to 50% of capacity or 4000 outdoor, whichever is lower, for the equivalent tier there, presumably variable according to capacity and the need for social distancing.
  9. You are right Scotty! I am no expert but if there was a problem with the streaming on Saturday it would have affected all trying to watch it but some that had paid for the service had access it just appeared to be season ticket holders that had the problem.
  10. I stand corrected on the equipment issue in which case it is even more bizarre that the camera(s) used for the highlights aren't used for the main game. We're getting a much poorer product in return. And for @Row S not to have had a reply some 4 weeks after making contact with the club is also extremely poor.
  11. yes. the default theme (CTO 2017) was not fully compatible with this version of the software. It worked on most pages, and sections, but mobile was a bit dodgy. I have replaced it with a new theme (CTO2020) which I had been working on in the development area and this seems to work better. If anyone continues to have issues, then select IPS Default as a theme and that should work. Let me know about the issue in here and I can troubleshoot.
  12. I believe that there are provisional plans in place to allow up to 800 fans for ourselves and County in the very early new year. However, that would be provisional on remaining in Level 1 and there being no evidence of significant increase in prevalence following on any increased household mixing over the festive season.
  13. tm4tj


    Cheers scotty, saw your announcement and it works like that at the moment using default theme.
  14. I have to go through all the settings and check it out .... bear with me 🙂
  15. Cameras on west can definitely be used for streaming. Not sure about bandwidth etc but that can be increased if needed. No idea about contractual arrangements - but the reply from SPFL said something about "if the club choose to continue with the current system" so that tends to suggest they can ditch it or at worst have a get out clause due to technical inadequacy of the system. Agree about the work that Andy (and others) do. Theres an old cliche that if something isn't broke why fix it and that's how I feel about the streaming versus pixxelot.
  16. I sent an email to the club on 26 October, following the Ayr United game, expressing my dis-satisfaction with the stream. In addition to the numerous technical issues with the live stream, I mentioned that I had watched the highlights of the game from Caley Jags TV, which was far superior to what I watched live on the Saturday. My question to the club then was, as the whole game would have been recorded by Caley Jags TV, could this platform can be used or adapted for live streaming purposes for the rest of our home fixtures. Now 4 weeks on I have still not had a reply.
  17. The cameras on the A9 side can definitely be used for streaming games - I know because I commentated on one that was being streamed live as a test run last season. Have the club got some sort of agreement in place with the providers of the Pixellot system that requires them to use the camera for every live broadcast? It's a shame because Andy and his team do an amazing job with the highlights and I expect would be able to put together a fantastic package for live coverage as well if given the opportunity.
  18. Since upgrade, I have no idea how to find messages forum when using CTO on my mobile, using chrome to open CTO url. Also, difficult to navigate anywhere on mobile. I used to get pop up window with options, seem to have to go back to home page before finding anything, apart from messages which is missing altogether.
  19. I can only imagine there must be some reason that the cameras on the A9 side can't be used for streaming games. What they would be I don't know but it's a question that's well worth asking the club because the difference in quality is night and day.
  20. I will just leave this one here for a second ..... and come back to it. So based on the response from Luca ... there was an issue with poor tracking initially and now an issue (albeit unforeseen) with the streaming technology but now that they have done some testing that they are "almost there". I am sorry but testing and QA come before production use of any product - or should, and we have repeatedly been told our club were slow off the mark because of extensive testing. So which is it? I agree with your assessment that the system has been flawed from th
  21. I must be honest I am starting to sway towards asking for something back from the club. I was content to let the club have the remaining £80 or so value from last seasons ticket book however I am starting to grudge the fact that, as a ST holder, I am paying 50% more per game than a PPV fan. Whilst it's not the clubs fault that the COVID situation is going on longer than expected (we all hoped to be back in grounds by now!) as things stand I am worse off being a ST holder than a PATG supporter which is disappointing. People have mentioned before about feeling more and more like a customer
  22. Quality highlights from Caley Jags TV of the impressive performance on Saturday. In light of the latest issues with SPFL etc live stream I decided to reply to the email sent out by Luca Rossi at 15.55 on Saturday. Below is the correspondence. Luca, Sending this at 15.55 on the match day was a bit late to say the least. Fortunately for me I was at the match in person, otherwise I would have been sending angry emails like the other season ticket holders shut out of the system. When I have managed to watch other games I have been hugely disappointed with the live stream on
  23. Our attacking play looks really terrific. Keatings, Storey and Sutherland look like they can swap positions at will, while Kennedy is clearly a player. Its certainly more pleasing on the eye than playing with a more static target man. Also looks like the midfield didn't miss a beat, even with Welsh not fit to start. McGregor clearly did a good job in a deeper role, while we need to sign up Allardice on a long-term deal pronto. There's still weaknesses that will be exploited by better teams, but there's some very promising signs here.
  24. Last week
  25. Hard to tell if Keatings’ corner crossed the line. MacGregor and Deas were closest and both felt it had.
  26. Our highlights are up now: What a touch and run by Kennedy at 5:08.
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