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  2. Fair point Mr Mantis. I've not had any issues lately on the Desktop. Having said that I've not really tried to update anything NPL wise. Might give it a go this weekend and see what happens.
  3. May as well report something positive I’ve had very few problems in the past couple of months. All the issues I’ve mentioned in the thread seem to have cleared up except occasionally on the iPad when I try to scroll back to the top of a page, it goes blank and I have to quit Safari before it’ll load anything else. The main thing is that posting works even with quotes and images. This was a major problem before on Mac and iPad although it didn’t seem to affect my iPhone.
  4. Last week
  5. Dunfermline won 3-0 so we remain 7th, 5 points behind Dunfermline in fourth although we have a game in hand (away to Morton two weeks tonight) against the three teams immediately above us.
  6. Jordan White for County tonight.
  7. 0-0 at half time between Dunfermline and Arbroath. A draw would suit us as it leaves us 7th and doesn’t increase the gap between us and fourth.
  8. Aye I think they fell out big time with the Maryhill committee…
  9. First time I went to see them they were playing at Maryhills ground.
  10. HT: 1 - 0 FT: 2 - 1 1st Scorer ICT: David Wotherspoon 1st Scorer RR: Lewis Vaughan Crowd: 2221
  11. A fascinating article which highlights how easily mismanagement can wreck things. Hopefully they do secure the small vessel order given they successfully built those already ordered for them.
  12. Broadfoot left at the end of last season and is now at Morton.
  13. Without dragging this off topic it's pretty much the same story in many industries these days. The Railways are a prime example.
  14. I'm sure we'll brush them aside [see what I did there]....just like we did with Cowden.
  15. Have just watched a YouTube of Broomhill beating Buckie 3-1 in Scottish Cup last year, think they will be well prepared for us. Check it out they are well coached, oh they have big No 5 called Kirk Broadfoot.
  16. IBM


    I have been reading this article on BBC online which is a change from the normal news. The Ferguson shipyard ships that nobody talks about - BBC News What's gone wrong? A company that was well run with a large experienced work force doing fine till people who don't know what they are doing take over running the company just looking to make a fortune without putting in the work. They cut the staff getting rid of the most experienced workers to cut costs and hire others who are not up to doing the job! It is so familiar throughout all industry now which is sad and everyone blames the other.
  17. I would rather the option that Jaggernaut prefers being secure with a win without taking chances but have the faith in Big Dunc to get it right
  18. There's good argument for both approaches. The one used is higher risk, but gave better return in terms of game time and a proper look at fringe players. The cost was entertainment value. I'm sure Ferguson expected a bit more from the starting lineup and didn't intend to be relying on subs to win it, but he'll now have a better understanding of what he's working with.
  19. I disagree. One sliced shot or push at a corner resulting in a possible penalty, and we could have been looking at a different result. I think we all know we have a good first team, and the narrative that we would only sign players that could dislodge them has never worked out well, we have signed players that few others wanted, apart from Wotherspoon, and I think DF knows who his best players are. I realise that all players need game time, but win the game first, then give them their game time.
  20. This is the team that played out of Alloa as BSC Glasgow, before becoming Open Goal Broomhill (or “Podcast FC”) when they were taken over by Si Ferry, but that partnership was dissolved and they are now simply Broomhill FC. Broomhill Sports Club originally ran youth football teams back to 2004 and the senior team has been kicking around the LL in its various guises since 2014.
  21. I disagree. Whilst that approach would be more likely to ensure a comfortable win, it doesn't really tell the manager much. If there are players who are fighting for a starting place, you need to put them under a bit of pressure and challenge them to get the game won. You learn little about players if you stick them on when somebody else has already done the hard work. If the game is already safe, then it is a good time to bring on a youngster or two to get experience or players returning from injury who just need a bit of game time. I think Dunc got it about right with the starting line up and substitutions. He was let down by several players who can do much better than they showed yesterday. I expect the same sort of team selection against Broomhill in January, but a much improved performance.
  22. They are currently higher up the Lowland League than Cowdenbeath but never forget Darvel. At least we have two months to watch them and check if all their players are eligible.
  23. In all seriousness though this is a tie we should win comfortably. By late January we should be a settled squad with the likes of Sheridan and some others long gone. Hopefully this is an incentive for Wotherspoon to see a possible cup run opportunity and have him sign up at least until the the end of this season.
  24. Another eye catching tie is the ‘Buckie derby’!
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