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  2. I’d start Welsh ahead of Doran as the three in the middle worked when Allardice came on and we need to be competitive against their 5. I hadn’t realised young Mackay was Dan’s brother. Hope he turns out as influential as Dan did for us.
  3. McAlear, Samuels, Ridgers for me. And even the ref was good!
  4. This team As has been stated, we were abysmal for a vast majority of the game and have to thank Ridgers (again) for keeping us in it, that save at 0-0 was excellent but the one from Middleton was even better (he 100% got a touch to it by the way) and the one where he saved his own blunder on to the bar was as crucial :). We've criticised Billy quite a bit this season (especially during our dreadful run) so he rightly deserves praise this play off campaign for making the right changes at the right time and also applaud him for admitting he got the starting formation wrong toni
  5. These Friday night matches have been pretty incredible. They often are when we are involved, for whatever reason. Arbroath get a 2 player head start, SaintJohnstone get a 2 goal head start. Yet here we are going into the play off final 2nd leg with a decent chance.
  6. Wow! It looked amazing in the ground but even better seeing all the angles. That tops his goal of the season against Dunfermline. I doubt we can keep him for next season but hopefully he gets a club that gives him game time and the chance to realise his potential.
  7. You can see what Dodds was thinking - that they'd come at us strongly (correct) and so we needed to hold them first (didn't work!) and then bring on the artillery (worked better than anybody could have imagined at halftime!). But I do think that, given our injuries and refereeing casualties, the best we could hope for before the game was to to be able to go to Perth still in it, and with a chance to pull off something remarkable. And, by some miracle or other, the players did it. They are going to be on a high over the weekend so that is the best preparation for the game we could have ho
  8. Thanks to Scotrail looks like It will be impossible to get back on Monday night unless leave early for the last bus. Ahhh typical!!
  9. It's only just sinking in that we are still in this tie. Abysmal first half had me wondering about going to perth on monday. What a turnaround. Good looking crowd too......anyone know. Popped into the Innes to catch up with some old faces but no one there that I knew. Shame. But what a night......another one from our great wee club.
  10. That was astonishing from Macalear. A fantastic shot into the roof of the net, and five minutes later a free kick which would grace any Champions League or World Cup game. Where do they summon up this amazing never-say-die attitude from? Samuels was outstanding in his running and creating of chances too. And I was delighted to see Allardice back, he can make an immense difference in the middle of the park. I think we have our team sorted for Monday. If we can just resist the pressure they will put us under from the off, we can grow into the game as we did tonight and give them some
  11. You are late home tonight Robert you must have taken the long way home again
  12. I feel guilty not giving any points to Ridgers tonight, but McAlear, Allardice and Samuels for me.
  13. We showed St Johnstone too much respect by changing our formation and going 3 5 2 to match them. It just didn’t work and credit to Dodds for admitting he got it wrong. Going to 4 4 2 made us competitive and stopped St Johnstone outclassing and overrunning us and we got a foothold in the game and then, in my biased opinion, a deserved equaliser, and we came so close to sneaking a winner. I’ve not watched it back so can’t comment on the offside but I was pleased the ref let the move continue when McCart went down and what a finish by McAlear. It’s nice to get the rub of the green after
  14. We were all astounded with the lineup and formation, it was mind boggling. We needed to give Rooney something to think about, but we let him have the run of the right wing in the first half, it was only when Chalmers came on that we gave him something to think about, and having Welsh, our best midfielder, playing in the back four, was a huge blunder by Dodds. But credit to Dodds and the players, we turned it around. First goal, Samuels was offside, but we played to the whistle and Macalear scored a great goal, and then he steps up and scores one of the best free kicks I have ever seen. For me,
  15. Winner takes it all Monday night and hopefully we take it all. St Johnstone no doubt will feel confident but I am not convinced by them. If we can get our noses in front and get pressure on them who knows. You need a bit of luck and a fair wind but stranger things have happened...get intake them 😃
  16. Not sure if anyone mentioned it yet but our first goal should not have stood. Played should’ve stopped for a head knock and also Samuels was offside (not 2 yards offside like Callum Davidson says, but a wee bit offside). About time we got a wee bit of good fortune from the match officials.
  17. Dodds admitted post match that he’d got the shape wrong (stating the bleeding obvious perhaps, but at least he didn’t make excuses)
  18. Especially as so many Central Belt pundits have constantly written us off as a bunch of turkeys.
  19. The first half we were farting against thunder! Once Scott Allardice came on we were a much improved side pushing forward and looking dangerous and got two well deserved goals, the second a cracker The ref was decent and let the game flow, the stewards were good not chasing the kids away from the wall behind the goal and our home support was the best all season
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