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  2. He did sign a new contract some time after relegation so would not have been on a Premiership wage.
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  4. I think the Dundee hokey cokey vote is going to be a very keen point in this matter
  5. I've seen a couple on EBay of Scottish clubs, only the Premiership and League One/Two, but strangely, no Championship. Not sure how much I'd trust it from an EBay seller, but if it was official club merch, I'd be more inclined to buy one...
  6. My two Aberdeen supporting sons, I know, hopeless parenting on my behalf, have both ordered Aberdeen branded face masks from their club shop. As far as I can see, we are not, as yet at least, doing anything similar. With coverings soon to be compulsory in shops and likely to remain so for several months, ICT branded masks might be an opportunity to generate a bit of extra income, be socially responsible and keep fans a bit safer at the same time. I would certainly pay a tenner each for a couple.
  7. Cheers for the tip Lizi. Never been past Poppy's coffee shop. Nice cakes.
  8. The presiding judge made it clear that the arbitration panel should not be made up of Scottish football worthiness. I would suggest one lawyer, one experienced football official from the continent and one business leader with no connection to football and thus no axe to grind.
  9. How do you renew it again?......
  10. As was wholly predictable, Hearts and Partick have lost their battle to have their relegation overturned by the courts and the matter will now go to arbitration independent of both the SFA and the SPFL. What should have happened in the first place and, with a fair wind and a bit of good will, ought to be concluded before the proposed start of the Premierhip season
  11. I’ve always enjoyed pre season games, Clach, Elgin, Keith, Forres and Nairn all bring happy memories of Highland League but Brora is a special visit, more so for the Trawler Restaurant in Golspie.
  12. So here is the latest update ICT Classic Highest Scorer 89 Biscay Bandit Lowest score 28 Fastbuck League 1 Stokie Chap 1893 2 Cat 1857 3 Calthis 1849 4 The Bhoys 1836 5 Lets try Again 1832 22 ICT Paisley 1569 23 Fastbuck 1544 24 Bacon Sane 1535 25 Bored cold communist 1509 26 Craig's Duffers 1449
  13. You called? 😁
  14. For one thing, I believe the club is very, very big on Cameron Harper. If they fancy him as the starting LB next season then it's not good value for us to hold on Tremarco even on a reduced wage, when that could be used on another part of the squad (the rest of the defence, for example!!!) Whilst Carl is very bullish about his own ability - and to be fair he was very good last season - he is nearly 35 and is already clearly a bit slower than he was at his peak. He's only going to slow down further and he's at an age where the legs can go very quickly...and plays a position where athleticism is vital.
  15. League One or League Two? Safe to say that's C*unty out of the running, so. Cove Rangers or Elgin City really, maybe Brechin, if he's staying put in Inverness. Not really any other "local" sides that are easy to get out to in either league...
  16. This was the thing that puzzled me. Tremarco, IIRC, was still on a contract from our final season in the Premiership (I'm not sure if he signed a new deal after relegation?) so a new deal on those wages was clearly a non starter. I don't understand why we didn't offer him a new deal on a reduced wage, maybe saying this is the most we can offer you and see if he would take it. That article appears to confirm that it was simply a case of the club were letting him go and ho no interest whatsoever in retaining him which seems quite strange. His performances last season were still of a good enough standard to warrant one more season at this level. Not offering him anything at all seems an odd move.
  17. Has Carl not got a coaching school on the go up here, could be wrong. Another thing I would like to see is a Todorov/Sutherland partnership up front. I think that would produce the goals we lack. Shane is looking fit and good to go
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  19. It happens in all jobs to good employees and even more so at this time I hope that those who are not offered contracts from football clubs and those made redundant by employers will find some work to support themselves and their families.
  20. You can read Carl's statement two different ways. 1. He meant it's a shame the way it finished not getting a send off from the fans due to covid or 2. A shame he didn't get offered a new contract. Although honestly, it was probably the latter. Sometimes you have to be brutal. Robbo has a budget. If Carl was on decent wages and we have a capable deputy on peanuts. Why not bring in the deputy and redivert the wages to positions where we need more quality. I'm not meaning to be brutal to Carl because I loved his passion and commitment to our club but we can't be sentimental when finances are so tight and the only way drastically improve our finances is promotion. Which comes from a better and balanced squad. The nature of our squad generally means we have 11 decent starters, then cover. 2 good left backs seems silly.
  21. A passing mention in a squad update statement is hardly saying thanks directly, feels more like they're saying "X, Y and Z are leaving the club. Oh and by the way, so is Carly, thanks for everything". Nor have they even acknowledged his heartfelt statement, all those duties have been left for the fans to do.
  22. That’s a bit harsh:
  23. We stupid old gits need to stick together.
  24. More surprised about the sod all thanks from the club. Some way to thank a player for his service who's been kicking a ball for us for the past 7 years.
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  26. Wasn't today (July 1), Shane Sutherland's first day back at ICT after signing a pre contract a few months ago ?
  27. Ailsa Craig, been there 😎 but I'm not a golfer so I'll guess Turnberry..
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