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    • Inverness CT 3-1 Queen of the South
      Caley Jags weather the storm: Inverness ran out comfortable winners as the game was played out in a mini storm. James Vincent opened the scoring on the half hour from a corner in a dull first half. A brighter second half saw James Keatings score a tremendous swerving free kick from 35 yards before Semple pulled one back for Queens in the middle of a storm. We'll put that one down to the weather. Miles Storey put the game to bed ten minutes from the end when David Carson slid a ball into the box for Storey to poke home off the post. The outcome was never really in doubt and just the tonic on a freezing night when the weather deteriorated as the game went on. Credit to both sets of players for getting through the game without hypothermia setting in.
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    • Inverness CT -V- QOS : Matchnight Thread
      Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South - The Matchnight Thread
      Discuss ICT & other games in this thread as they happen

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    • Inverness CT -V- Queen of the South - Preview
      The Queens visit: Another Tuesday, another game at the Caledonian Stadium, this time we host Queen of the South looking to get over the disappointment of a poor result at Alloa on Saturday. The game kicks off at 7:45pm
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    • Alloa 2-0 Inverness CT - Report
      Inverness had to re-shuffle the back four in the third minute with Lewis Toshney unable to continue, Kevin McHattie replacing him.  A deflected shot by Lee Connelly opened the scoring after 12 minutes, the ball entering the net off Brad Mckay......
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  2. For - Livingston, Queen of the South, Against - Falkirk, Hearts, Stranraer, Will update when more clubs post related announcements. And it's fair to say, most are as useful with posting updates as our Twitter. Also, Cove's statement is the one that best describes the situation: http://www.coverangersfc.com/news/spl-clubs-to-vote-on-curtailment-of-season-in-lower-divisions/
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  4. By far the better side? The side that is a point behind Raith? Bigger side yes but better no, not at the moment. Every game is a battle, any ICT supporter should know this considering the amount of points we have dropped to part time/lesser teams. You earn every point. It's not like Falkirk were just sitting in the slipstream all season waiting for the moment to pounce. It's just not true. I'm quoting the 'far better' bit, nut. Not having it.
  5. There will defo not be league reconstruction Spl clubs are far to greedy for the OF cash is what it is DUFC deserve the title leAst we'll get the 2nd place money as for the teams at the bottom they're there for a reason they've been gash all season and would likely have continued to be ! Hardest done by team in this if it goes thro is Falkirk who 100% would've took that league ahead of Raith by far the better side
  6. That I don't know no wonder I couldn't find it on google maps
  7. If they expand then why's only 2 up from the Championship fair? Yes, as an ICT fan its positive news but the play-offs contain 3 clubs from the lower league, therefore although we would right now have 1 round of games less both Dundee & Ayr (as it stands) have every bit as much chance of getting promoted - therefore it has to be 4 teams up from the Championship. This has TV implications with only 2 OF games but otherwise I think there will be too many votes against. From the BBC The resolution requires 10 of the 12 top flight clubs, eight of 10 in the Championship, and 15 of the 20 clubs in Leagues One and Two combined to pass. Likely to object Prem - Rangers & Hearts (there may be one or 2 mid table thinking about top 6, extra prize money & 2 OF games) Champ - Dundee, Ayr & PT L1 & L2 - Falkirk, Airdrie, Montrose & Stranraer / Elgin & Cowdenbeath This will need more transparency around the restructure I think before some clubs will vote to end the season as there will still be some thinking about promotion while others will be delighted based on finances to just get any cash in that they can. Hopefully as fans we will get to see the results as to how all the clubs voted
  8. No, I mean the heilans are full of Telford churches and I was asking if that was one 😉
  9. No, I hadn't heard of that one and can't find it on google maps. It's in Inverness-shire.
  10. First spotted in an interview Gerry Britton gave to the BBC on 15th March... "There's a number of scenarios being spoken about," he said. "If the league stops here then okay, teams have to be rewarded. We are into the last quarter, so the teams at the top need to be rewarded. "It's hard not to be self-interested. When I look at it, the one proposal I've heard of the top two teams getting promoted with no relegation, of Kelty and Brora coming up, that works for me. "If we did have an experiment with the top tier going up to 14 teams, we might find it works." Seems to me that this is the fairest option. Nobody goes down, it rewards the teams who were runaway league winners and if it means we start afresh with a new season in August it should keep the TV deals on track.
  11. First post in a while and sorry a bit late to the party but what a great half a decade that i got to see. My days of a season ticket holder sadly ended early in the decade with uni finishing and moving back down to England. One of my favourite matches was a home win over Raith in March of 2010 on that big run we had when Foran overhead kicked it in to give us a hard thought win one of the best atmospheres in the north stand. Missed the Ayr game which i will always regret but being a student ran out of money haha. Was at the Dundee home game for crowing and ran on the pitch and lost my wallet with me and my mates trains tickets back to Stirling but luckily found it again. Once I had moved away from Scotland got to less games but remember the anticipation for the trips North to watch the big cup games. The semi final at Easter Road was insane especially as my best mate was in the New stand as a massive jambo. The Nick Ross goal was absolute limbs and I remember feeling sick in extra time as wave after wave kept hitting our 9 men. Coming up for the final i was so excited but it was a damp squib unfortunately but little did I know that not long after we would be seeing the same but in the Scottish Cup. The semi does out rank the final and will always be with me but wasnt it great to see so many people out to support us even if they were just day trippers on the 30th of may. Missed the Europa (again another regret but had to work) i dont get to many matches now although came up for the derbies last season but I will continue to support and hopefully this next decade will bring some magic too
  12. The line on reconstruction sounds pretty non-committal and throwaway to me. I doubt anything will be done with regards to that - it also might impact the new TV deal if the league expanded to 14 clubs, it would presumably mess with the split. I'm sure that could be worked out though. Anyone got any idea what our board think of this idea? I'd imagine that getting the prize money for second might placate us, we basically live hand to mouth as a club. I think it'd be a big blow not getting the play off opportunity and also having Hearts come down is a pisser, another club with a massive budget advantage over us (and everyone else in the division).
  13. Really only Stranraer that's the other one to go against it. Maybe Falkirk, Airdrie, Montrose, and East Fife in League One (all within touching distance of Raith), and Cove has practically ran away with League Two, so there's not a lot for the rest of L2 to complain about. Assuming playoffs don't go ahead, it's going to be far less than the 75% Threshold required.
  14. Rangers and Partick have come out strongly against, expect more clubs to follow,follow.
  15. Last week
  16. The major criticism I have of the deal is not the actual deal but the fact it doesn't apply to all 4 divisions. It has to apply to all equally. I appreciate that they don't want to call the Premiership for fear of what UEFA have said but they should just do it and show some bottle. I am sure all leagues outside the big 5 will want to do similar. The relegation issue can then be sorted by increasing the leagues by either one season or permanently if the clubs decide. If the ugly sisters want to scupper a deal, boot then out of the league and Scottish football will be all the better.
  17. Seldom impressed by our football authorities but, to be fair, right now, we are all making it up as we go along. Let's wait until the decision is made before being too critical of it.
  18. Thoughts: - the SPFL's priority seems to be to get the 2020/21 season starting as close to normal time as possible. This is because of the new Sky TV deal; presumably delaying the implementation of that would cost them more money than paying back Sky/BT for the remaining 2019/20 matches not going ahead. - there is no plan that is totally fair here - as stated above there are plenty of faults with each plan. Therefore the mostly likely outcome is the one that appeases the most clubs - relegated clubs - particularly Hearts - are likely to call in the lawyers. Whether they have a case or not, a legal challenge could hold up things for a long time, especially with a backlog in court cases as a result of the current situation. Not being able to start the league at all as a result of this would be a nightmare - therefore it would seem that the best way to prevent this would be to have promotion but not relegation, therefore expanding the top flight - the nugget about reconstruction in the SPFL statement suggests they know that reconstruction (at least for 2020/21) will be required to ultimately keep clubs sweet and avoid legal challenges - I suspect Rangers are bleating mainly to keep their fans happy (they have someone on the SPFL board that put together this plan, after all!) and may try and bargain for Colt teams in exchange for agreeing to this Or, you know, the SPFL could just be making it up as they go along. They do have a bit of a record of doing that...
  19. Given the history of decision making by the Scottish football authorities, I'm not holding my breath.................................
  20. Only result of this I can see is the SPFL benefiting the Old Firm and saying Stuff everyone else...
  21. It's 75% of clubs in the Premiership, 75% of clubs in the Championship and 75% of clubs in L1 + L2.
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