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Found 1 result

  1. They Came On Trial...

    Trialists. We've had many of them of over the years and while some were signed up and were both great successes and tragic failures, others have disappeared into the mists of time. So aside from those who were signed up, who else have we had over the years? How many of them them were missed chances? And how many of them were lucky escapes? I think we should go one at a time, it's more fun that way! I'll start us off - Vladimirs Koļesņičenko - A Latvian international attacking midfielder who came on trial at the same time as Pavels Mihadjuks. Brewster decided not to sign him. Seems afterwards he played for clubs in Azerbaijan and the Ukraine as well as two spells at Skonto Riga, who he is now chairman of! They also have Nauris Bulvitis playing for them as well!