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  2. CaleyD

    New kit?

    Better than white....I feckin hated the white trim.
  3. RiG

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    Sorry, Gary Warren has been released?
  4. Today
  5. CaleyD

    Special General Meeting - Rescheduled date you've ever been backwards at that! The electoral management group should have details out in due course.

    Championship 2018/19

    Ayr are full time, they didn't want to make the transition from PT to FT while in the Championship. Once they got relegated to League One they went full time.
  7. Scotty

    Red and Green Dots

    The red and green dots have been gone for more than 2 years ! Replaced by the 'like' system which is more like social media. Provided you are not 'inactive', a 'lurker' (reads but doesnt post) or a 'new member' within the last 14 days you should be able to click on the 'dots' and see who issued them. I will double check the settings to make sure its set ... we just updated the software and I noticed a number of system flags got reset.
  8. Caley Mad In Berks

    Nunneries of Sneck

    The convent at the corner of Southside Road/Culduthel road was indeed a primary school from soon after WW11 right through to the mid/late1950s.. It had two classrooms run by Sister Agnes, for the younger kids, and Sister Mary Frances for the older ones.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Charles Bannerman

    The Royal wedding

    Now that would be a classic!!!
  11. IBM

    Fibre broadband

    It depends where you live as DD states he is in rural Black Isle (I think) where it works great for me with BT on fibre to the cabinet in Drakies.
  12. Stirling Observer

    Liam Polworth - One Of Our Own - Take 2

    This is a new problem that is more and more common. People make a negative opinion on a player on a forum. They then scrutinise each performance and almost want said player to make a mistake so they can come on and rant to back up their statement. We are probably all slightly guilty to varying degrees. I have heard opposition fans speak highly of polworth performances against them, generally these are people without agendas or bias (unless you are Ross Tokely).
  13. CaleyD

    Toni Macaroni or Plastic Whistle?

    Cry me a river
  14. CaleyD

    2015 final strip

    Message me what you can afford πŸ‘
  15. Last week

    2018/19 League Cup Group Draw

    St Jones Town, Arbroath and Cowdenbeath
  17. Robert

    The Pre-Season Thread

    My 6 year old grandson lives in Nairn and is already excited about this, as he was at the Brechin Betfred Cup game last pre season and loved it. He can't go to Saturday games in school terms due to sports commitments so this is ideal to keep him interested in Caley Thistle.
  18. Kind of Blue

    Season Ticket

    That's me renewed for another season. Looking forward to hopefully having a better start to the season than the last one.
  19. Scarlet Pimple

    Word Association

  20. Laurence

    Jekyll or Hyde?

    I take it then that the team now playing as "Rangers" , is a new Limited Company, and as no connection with the team, formerly known as " Rangers", . If so can the media stop referring to past matches and records of the former " Rangers ". If it is a new club as we all believe including the Rangers board,. Then all previous records etc. of the old club should not be referred too i.e. Talking of the number of cups won, or wins against Celtic. Maybe it is the media who need to wake up to the fact that old club playing as "Rangers", is gone.
  21. caleyboy


    ok hawd yer drawers on😊

    Rookie Managers

    Is that fair? They would have to apply to the East of Scotland or South of Scotland like everyone else.
  23. Our Annual General Meeting will take place on 19th July 2018 at 7pm in the Caley Club.
  24. Stirling Observer

    Recruitment Policy?

    Not many will be offered the opportunity these boys have been given. Perhaps only a couple will make it as professional footballers, others may end up in the Highland league. But they must give everything they have to achieve their goal. If it doesn't work out, there are many different routes now to access education rather than the traditional method. No regrets.
  25. Kingsmills

    On the question of Derby games

    I am aware of the rivalry between Derby County and Nottingham Forest. Does that really constitute a Derby derby ? Another footballing conundrum; who do the residents of the south end of Preston support ?
  26. CaleyD

    Highland Derbies Next Season

    So, are you getting a season ticket in the Jail End or Main Stand? πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
  27. Earlier
  28. Stirling Observer

    Angus Beith and Tom Walsh

    Good to see the signing coming in early, rather than having to sign squad fillers like alex cooper from the scrap heap. Pretty sure I heard transfer window shuts earlier this summer, before start of the season so it would be nice to have a squad sorted well before the 1st league fixture so we hit the ground running this season with a good idea of our strongest 11.
  29. TheMantis

    Cove Rangers

    No, it was Steven Kirkland.
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