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  1. Yesterday
  2. I would imagine fixtures would be announced tomorrow so hopefully Premier sports pick up one of our matches as it would be good to see how our new signings or, if still allowed, trialists get on. Kelty and Cove would be good to get at home as they are tough to beat at their grounds, Albion and Livi would be OK either venue but hopefully we don't underestimate Albion. Quietly optimistic of getting out the group stages for the first time in years.
  3. Do 2nd, 3rd and 4th not have some form of play off???? Lol!!
  4. I agree entirely. I watched two of our home games on livestream when not fit to attend the stadium and bought virtually every away game, whereas I would only have travelled to a few. Therefore I gained by seeing home games I’d have missed, and our rivals gained as I spent money on PPV for games I had no intention of travelling to. I suspect we have seen the end of livestreams but it would be good if clubs and the SPFL could find a way of keeping them. Even a small premium to the ticket price would be fine by me.
  5. No worries. This was a long season. 51 games in fact. The Spreadsheet that does all the 'hard work' is only designed for 50 games. Just as well we didn't go on a long cup run 😂 Thank you all for your kind comments it's very much appreciated. A few errors did creep in from typo's to just plain incompetence. Although the Spreadsheet does the sums, it's down to me to put the info in correctly. Maybe I shouldn't listen to Rammstein whilst updating the games We'll go again in 2022/23 Cheers all Gringo
  6. Last chance for voting this season
  7. I say, I couldn't possibly sit amongst R##s C##nty fans. Them clapping with their six fingered webbed hands would deafen me with 5 minutes. Eh what? 🧐
  8. They were mY English team when I lived 8 miles outside Blackpool for 8 years as Fleetwood rose through the leagues and built a new ground.
  9. I for one respect Doran with regards to being a fantastic servant to the club etc however I do feel now is the time for him to be moved on to free up some of the wages to bring newer fresher players in for a promotion push next season. In my opinion I see Lee Connollys contract at QOS is coming to and end this season and was always quite impressed with how he played against us. 22 years of age as well so lot of upside to potentially signing him however unsure what he makes currently and if we could compete with that.
  10. A fans vs Doran Select XI match would be good. I can't play worth jack, but the last one was fun to watch.
  11. Laurel and Hardy were funny. Kingsmills, not so much.
  12. Only a week now until the postponed qualifer againt Ukraine. Usually when football fans complain that the whole World is against them it's sheer paranoia. However, next Wednesday it will be literally true and I suspect that, even subconsciously, the officials will be inclined to give 50/50 decisions in favour of Ukraine. It will be a hard fought encounter with Ukraine understandably motivated like never before but, whilst every single one of us has huge sympathy for that benighted country, we need to put that aside and be just as motivated. Great compassion and support for them
  13. What we proved this season was that we weren't good enough to be promoted. It tells us nothing about how prepared we may, or may not, be for next season.
  14. Last week
  15. Congratulations to Wngwie for having the only correct answer in the poll. His reward in the opportunity to watch Cove Rangers next season on four occasions. As for the over optimistic rest of us, our consolation prize is the opportunity to watch Cove Rangers on four occasions next season.
  16. Caleycalum ht- 0-0 ft-0-1 Mckay Middleton Crowd- 8478 Yellow- Broadfoot Ictross HT- 0-0 FT- 1-2 Mckay Middleton 8426 Yellow- Deas Oldcaleygirl Ht- 0-0 Ft- 1-1 Mckay Rooney Crowd- 8411 Yellow- Carson
  17. Im glad to learn that he will still be doing the Sunday Sportsounds and Midweek ones too. He will be very hard to replace tho
  18. Many thanks @Caleyjag. I'll never understand why it takes so long. All updated now.
  19. If anyone is travelling down today. I would watch your time I was travelling back from Glasgow yesterday and was stuck in roadwork traffic. (They were cutting down trees) google said it was an 8 minute delay both ways but was more like 25 -30 mins. Hopefully they have cleared it today but just a heads up for people looking to leave for Perth sharp. It was about 15 miles outside of Inverness
  20. I think our most important game ever was the Scottish Cup Final. Followed by the League Cup Final. Two national finals of competitions open to all league clubs (and more, of course, for the Scottish Cup). I, too, was thinking of the Celtic game. Not because of the financial aspect, of which I wasn't really aware, but because it really put the club, and Inverness, on the map. Even down in SE England. My mates knew that I supported some obscure team from beyond the Arctic Circle - all of a sudden they knew where Inverness was, and they followed the team's results after that. But to
  21. Jake Mulraney has moved from Atlanta United to Orlando City in MLS. The trade was $200,000 in 'allocation money'* which is quite high for MLS as it forms part of your wage budget and what you can spend on overall contracts in a year ... it may increase to $275,000 based on him hitting performance benchmarks. Didnt realise he had moved until I saw him come on as a sub against Toronto last weekend!
  22. It might be fortunate if any ban imposed for illegal gambling coincides with his rehabilitation period.
  23. As the Cup Final looms, I am sure that you will all join me in sending the thespians' traditional wish to the most theatrical of referees. Break a leg, Willie! 😈
  24. HT 1-0 FT 2-0 ICT DORAN ST J Middleton CROWD 4791 yellow brown
  25. Yip, my pic has the Ptarmigan ridge in it. Robert's further up the road and it's Ben Lawers.
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