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  2. Absolutely. The club had already taken those tentative steps previously with most of the famous Fort William 10 being signed on a part-time basis . I maybe thinking out of the box here but if we cut the budget for the employed Heathmount (non Board)members and the non employed Heathmount (non) Board Members ..maybe we can spend more on those who count - the players .
  3. I don't know, I wasn't there myself. It was reported to me by A Murray.
  4. Ha. You made me go and check. June is Urquhart Castle so even Stevie Wonder would have got it. But no more Highland ones the rest of the year. A mixture of Lowlands, Wales and NI so maybe I should put them up for a guess ๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. Is there any more word on next season's kit?
  6. Last week
  7. that ticks all the boxes of the story so far. i think you are bang on. Worst part is that if they went with DD's suggestion above your post, one which has been touted hundreds if not thousands of times by many folk, then they would have achieved exactly that and looked forward thinking and fair in the process. The words piss-up and brewery definitely spring to mind when talking about Doncaster and his cohorts.
  8. And the winners: Fans player of the year: Rooney Players player of the year: Ridgers Fans young player of the year: MacGregor Players young player of the year: MacGregor Canโ€™t argue with that. Well done to all three.
  9. Silver linings wev lost 2 of the worst players to ever wear our mighty colours White and Trafford that alone is cause for a skinful the night!
  10. Strong words from Kingsmills, but accurate , which few would disagree with, or at least admit to disagreeing. This issue has been bubbling just under the surface for decades. I too remember the horrific scenes in the 60s, and on other occasions since. It has never properly been dealt with, even under Obama's Presidency, when many thought more would have been done to address it. Now, with Trump, there is no chance. It is clear where his sympathies lie. I fear it will get worse before it gets better.
  11. For once I see this very similar to MLS at the end of a season. In MLS there is typically a small core of players under contract to the club at the end of the year with a lot of others being placed on free agency list or contracts and options 'waived'. Many of these re-negotiate their deals and end up back at the club the following season. Not typically how it works in Scotland or elsewhere .. but there will be a tremendously huge player pool this summer and some on that list may end up being re-signed when they either cant find something else or the club has more insight into the path to come out of lockdown and back to football.
  12. RiG

    New ICT Podcast

    That's what happens when you have @alternative maryhill on
  13. Aye... so yer saying..๐Ÿค”
  14. Seems to be the right ship, built 1969, registered in Cozumel, Mexico but maybe it wasn't wrecked there. Just got the rest off Wiki.
  15. Could've given the Hammers a hammering had we kept that midfield...
  16. The rumour where, in your head perhaps???
  17. Ah that was a sneaky one that house will be number 18 which will have a great view of the town. I have been in the one next door number 20 which was split into 4 flats and now has a house in the grounds. John Aird who was a solicitor with Anderson Shaw and Gilbert had one of the upstairs ones. The cars are the first Mercedes A Class and that might be your Citeron Xantia.
  18. Your missing the point, I don't expect any statement to say anything. The club chose to put out a statement that made reference to forthcoming announcements on things- I'm just pointing out the fact that they haven't done any of it. Anyway, plenty of clubs are selling season tickets as a way to generate cash and allow suporters to show support. Have a look at the likes of Hearts and Hibs to see what I mean. New strips can also generate some revenue and lots of Scottish clubs have found novel ways to generate both money and goodwill (e.g. face masks). The club shouldn't be putting out statements to say they're going to do something if they're not going to do it. I also refer you to the statement on 12th May regarding the Record article to which nothing happened.
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  20. Charlie was a great man, 'Hard as Nails' my thoughts are with Anne and family.
  21. What certainly isn't necessary is another dose if austerity. Time to renew the economy with investment in sustainable non carbon producing industry for which Scotland is well placed. I am now going to utter a phrase that surprises even myself but credit to Douglas Ross. In the one particular regard at least whatever his true motivation was. In every other regard he was a shite junior minister and an equally shite assistant referee who was never going to swap either his literal or his metaphorical flag for a whistle.
  22. Hey Smee. Thanks for asking. Its been a tough couple of years but I am still surviving ๐Ÿ™‚ . Cancer was dealt with. Officially I was slightly over the stage 2 border into stage 3 so a PSA test is in my diary every 3 months for the foreseeable future but the ones so far have been more or less coming back as 'undetectable'. Most have been 0.0008 (=undetectable) but had a couple that were just up one notch, but no sustained increase or doubling so after 16 months that is a good sign. However, as you may know, during this time (almost 1 year ago now) I also lost my mother. She actually passed the day after Kenny Thomson, former ICT director and all-round good guy and her service was the day before his. Her loss was harder than dealing with the cancer, and still is some days. Mind you, in these days of Coronavirus, and with her having to endure 3 visits a week to the hospital for dialysis, it may have been a blessing that she went peacefully, at her own pace, and in her own place, when she had defied the medical odds for a long time than risk COVID-19 and a potentially horrible and undignified end in isolation in Raigmore. From all of this I have decided to take life a little differently now. I try not to let things bother me so much, and realised we have one life to live so we should make the most of it and do what we want, when we want, and not be ruled by the opinion of others (whilst staying within the laws of society of course). I think the world having to basically press a reset button the likes of which will be talked about in history books for eternity also feeds into this new mindset. I do miss football though .... on both sides of the pond.
  23. Any more Inverness players in the pipeline? e.g. Ross Tokely, Dennis Wyness, Grant Munro
  24. I'm looking for the Clydebank v ICT programme from 28th March 1998 at Boghead. If anyone has it and wants to sell it can you send me a message.
  25. It was the first unmarked police car with in car speed detection and video camera which you can see in the top centre of the windscreen to be used on the A9 and when the locals got to recognize the registration number they would change it. At the time they had 10 different plates along with the road tax for each plate! I never had to sit in the back and watch a video
  26. Just wondering what ever happened to the Autographs Cards and why we don't have them any more. Got this for a fair bargain, and wondered if it would be worth redoing in the future.
  27. Highlights of Caledonian FC v Elgin from April 1990 available from 7pm tonight:
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