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    • Celtic 3-1 Inverness CT - Scottish Cup Final
      Best for Inverness on a difficult day was Wallace Duffy. What an invitingly sumptuous cross for Dan Mackay to power in a diving header. Cammy Harper on the other flank was equally impressive against Celtic's wide players and in midfield David Carson and Sean Welsh battled hard to stem the possession that Celtic were always going to dominate. We struggled up front working off scraps but substitute Dan Mackay scored that brilliant late power header to give us hope, albeit only fleeting. In general our defence stood firm for large parts of the game, seemingly working to a plan. Much better than many Premiership teams fared this season. Nobody hid in this game but we were restricted to what we could by a quality treble winning side. Blood, sweat and tears of pride.

      As the season draws to a close we will not see so many of these guys here next season, but it has been an abstract pleasure reporting on our once again rollercoaster of a season.

      See you all back refreshed for 23/24. 
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    • Celtic -V- Inverness CT - Scottish Cup Final
      The wait is over: Having lain idle since the 5th of May Championship flop against Ayr United, the long wait for the Scottish Cup Final is over for the Caley Jags. I imagine the stattos amongst us will be searching their Guiness Book of Records to find out the biggest winning margin in the Scottish Cup Final. I'll save you the bother. Renton 6-1 v Cambuslang on 4th February 1888. Or, ominously, Celtic 6-1 Hibernian on 6th May 1972. Are we about to change records?
      Win or lose, I hope you all enjoy the occasion. 
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    • Falkirk 0-3 Inverness CT - Scottish Cup Semi Final
      Semi-Final Joy: With a VAR assisted penalty, Billy Mckay opened the scoring early in the first half. Dan Mackay headed in the second from an inviting Jay Henderson Cross. Falkirk had their moments, Callumn Morrison hitting the post after some defensive indecision on the edge of the box. However, we did our own post hitting and Billy Mckay wrapped up the victory in the second half with a well taken finish, his 100th goal for the Caley Jags. That ensured our progress into the final. Nathan Shaw was unfortunate twice off the post and Falkirk were denied a consolation by some dogged defending. All in, comfortable in the end and Hampden calling once more.
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    • Falkirk -V- Inverness CT - Scottish Cup Semi Final
      The last time we played Falkirk at Hampden in front of 37,000 fans, it was a history making event. I don't really need to tell you how that worked out, but for those that were on another planet, we won the Scottish Cup by beating Falkirk 2-1. Since then both clubs have underachieved and hit the skids. Falkirk are now trying to get themselves out of league 1 and we are desperately trying to keep ourselves in the Premiership play-off slot after a horrendous season littered with injuries to the whole squad. A third round struggle past Stirling Albion before we went through to the 5th round by default against Queens Park, but since then have comfortably disposed of Premiership opposition in Livingston and Kilmarnock. Falkirk got here by putting six past Wick Academy before a narrow 2-1 win at Alloa. They then dumped media darlings Darvel 5-1 and in the quarter final put out Ayr United. On paper we will be the bookies favourites. That's not something we are normally comfortable with and I fully expect Falkirk will also fancy their chances in this one, and rightly so. Be warned!
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    • Inverness CT 1-1 Dundee - Report
      Applause for Tommy Cumming set the scene on a dry but breezy afternoon. As it panned out it ended all square. Dundee were quick out of the blocks and pestered Mark Ridgers early on without creating the clear cut chance to open the scoring. Level at the break, the Dark Blues continued in the same vein after the break and made the breakthrough on the hour when Lyall Cameron scored. However we have been resilient of late and substitute Austin Samuels earned us a point with fifteen minutes remaining as we came back at Dundee to quieten their raucous support who firmly believe Billy is a short rotund person born out of wedlock!
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  2. Where has the club statement come from? I’ve not seen it yet.
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  4. Quote: "Meanwhile, I can now take a few weeks off before it all starts again for, what could be, my final season of doing the NPL." I certainly hope not, mate - It's the only thing now that keeps me up-to-date with what's going on with the best FC in Scotland!!! Please keep on going!!!!!!!!!!!
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  6. I don’t like playing them either but don’t worry it’s a new Dundee side, plus it’s only once this season. When did we last play Airdrie? Wouldn’t mind 3 away trips there this year
  7. Thinking about positions (depending on who stays) but CB, RB, CM, RW/RM, LW/LM, CF https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/scottish-premiership/endendevertraege/wettbewerb/SC1 https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/scottish-championship/endendevertraege/wettbewerb/SC2 Plenty options out there, wouldnt mind seeing Blair Alston, Kai Fotheringham, maybe a young striker also Mikey Devlin alhough he has a horrednous injury record could be a gamble at CB as hes a quality player when fit. It'll all be driven by our budgets though and not sure in some cases we can afford the level of player to replace some of those leaving
  8. The clean sheet that I refer to means from henceforth onwards. He has to prove that he has learned from his mistakes - tactics, man management and post match communications. The problem for Dodds is that he has set the bar for the forthcoming season.
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  10. Everyone is in the mire financially, some deeper than others.
  11. It appears to be a sort of online fishmonger.
  12. Caleycalum Ht0-0 Ft- 0-1 Mckay Celtic- Jota CROWD- 50111 ANYTIME- Deas Time- 10 mins Yellow,- Deas Joker
  13. waiting to head to stadium for the bus….. Thanks very much to the ICT supporters travel club who placed me on a waiting list for 4 seats on a bus to the final last sunday. Couldn’t promise me seats on any bus or on same bus but would try. Got me the seats on bus 4 . Magic. then the RC under 12 match against Patrick was cancelled to allow the boys from both teams to attend the Sunday play off final in Dingwall. I got a call while in magaluf from my daughter that she and her 2 boys now wanted to go to hampden. back on to travel club to get 6 seats hopefully on same bus. All sorted for me again. Magic called my daughter to collect the 4 tickets I had bought previously and take them to the stadium to see if they can be returned and 6 new tickets purchased so we could all sit together. The person there said a bit of hassle for her as she would have to locate the stubs for the returning tickets, but she would have a go. Miraculously she found them in the first envelope she looked into. 6 new tickets bought. Magic. well done travel club and football club to get an old guy , his daughter and 4 grandchildren to the Scottish cup final. now only if the game goes as smoothly ………………
  14. Sorry for inconvenience but we have a problem with our Facebook page. If you need to contact us please phone 07462218717
  15. Earlier
  16. Must have been Arbroath as I was with Bryan and Ken and I haven’t a clue what the score was
  17. That you making noises playing with your buzz lightyear
  18. It's not just the fans Shirley, the players are being treated like they are an inconvenience.
  19. Given the recent punishment given to toney there are 2 thoughts here, the sfa want to take a hardline like England did and offer up a lengthy ban, or the media outcry and criticisms means it'll be lenient and support offered to allow our authorities to look more compassionate. Not sure why way I'd bet tbh
  20. Today after many attempts to post on Olde Inverness with Mac and iPad, I tried with the phone and it worked first time, so at least it's a workaround. The issue is usually when the post includes a photo, but also once I am on a page, scroll to the bottom and try to scroll up again, and it freezes. However as you say Scotty, not much you can do. So I'll now have to try and clear the editor on the Mac, which will be frozen for umpteen tries till it eventually works.
  21. To be honest, I was surprised he was not snapped up last summer after being linked with St Johnstone in the January 2022 transfer window. I feel that’s why we brought Delaney in last summer.
  22. Been told he turned them down because he's going to ross county next season.
  23. May as well keep this prophetic post hanging around for a wee while ?!!
  24. I will review in the off-season. Its all about getting enough revenue to keep the site ticking over but not making it too annoying for users. The Vignette ads for some reason perform better than any other type of ads, not sure why.
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