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  2. A talented and versatile young player with bags of potential on a lengthy contract. What's not to like about that piece of business?
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  4. Thanks. He’s from Ayrshire so close to home for him.
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  6. Definitely is. Hopefully we can cultivate youngsters who break through and give us a foundation for the future over time.
  7. Glenachulish at Glenelg.
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  9. Not quite related to the thread, but couldn't find anywhere else to put it. But C*unty's most famous thing to happen to them since...err...
  10. RedCard

    New ICT Podcast

    Yeah should have came with a language warning at the beginning. Hope anyone wasn’t offended too much
  11. They're no great in the transfer market County but defo done a lot better than we have in player sales anyway nxt 1 be the striker Ross Stewart heard it here £10 on him going to Aberdeen
  12. Changes a few years ago to the system in English football has certainly opened the doors for more clubs to join the limelight/big time. Unfortunately the doors in Scotland remain closed.
  13. Looking increasingly likely that the stubborn intransigence of the UK government means that we are going to end the transition period on 31st December with no meaningful trade deal. Brexit was always destined to be a self imposed cultural and economic disaster but to have your mind closed to keeping the perfectly satisfactory status quo for at least another year in the midst of a global health and economic crisis takes it a step further to sheer ideologically driven financial and cultural lunacy.
  14. Wandering off topic a bit, I rather optimistically booked flights to the Faroe Islands the other week for the start of October, before our season is meant to start, but AtlanticAir cancelled them yesterday. They obviously don’t think much of our handling of this, as they’re still flying to several other countries. I’m a bit miffed as it was an Edinburgh flight but on previous experience there are always travellers from England on it anyway.
  15. The Denmark and Italy stories were brilliant, Roy McBains reply to Brewster makes me laugh every time. Thanks for listening guys
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  17. Given that the litigation was relatively short lived and the arbitration concluded swiftly, I would expect the legal expenses of each of the parties to be in the tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands. The arbitration has been continued to allow the matter of expenses to be settled. Given that the SFA were largely successful and Hearts and Partick largely unsuccessful, the clubs are likely to have to pay the association's expenses as well as their own and possibly any expenses separately incurred by Dundee United, Raith and Cove Rangers who they were trying to deprive of promotion. Sensible compromise and league reconstruction, even on a single season basis and all this could have been avoided but insular self interest won the day as always leaving some losers and very few winners. It seems that Scottish football never learns from past errors.
  18. Nice one! Final score was 2-0.
  19. So here we are with the Final post of the season thanks to everyone for taking part hope to see you all again in about six weeks time or probably sooner depending when Barclays open up . Congratulations to Stokie Chap and Blue Water Rovers for winning the Classic / H2H Leagues ICT Classic Highest Scorer 100 ICT Paisley Lowest Scorer 42 Sportywull / Internazionale League 1 Stokie Chap 2284 2 Cat 2253 3 Calthis 2207 4 The Bhoys 2197 5 Sportywull 2190 22 Real Stoke FC 1925 23 Bacon Sane 1874 24 Fastbuck 1811 25 Bored cold communist 1807 26 Craig's Duffers 1735 And just a reminder how the H2H league finished 1 Blue Water Rovers 66 pts 2 Lets try yet again 64 pts 3 The Bhoys 61 pts 4 Calthis 61 pts 5 Cat 61pts 16 ICT Paisley 41 pts 17 Craig's Duffers 40 pts 18 Caledonia Allstars 39 pts 19 Bacon Sane 39 pts 20 UTV 37 pts
  20. tm4tj

    Tom Petty

    Oh well! Peter Green dead now. RIP.
  21. ELP debuted at the Isle of Wight in late August. I've got the DVD. Keith blew his brains out with a shotgun in 2016 and Greg succumbed to cancer later the same year.
  22. The testing carried out for the spfl isn't up to the standard of Nhs testing which is why all the positives were checked again using the Nhs system...and 6 false positives recorded. Just shows that even the promised land of the top division is cutting corners on testing. What sort of standard are the bankrupt lower divisions going to enforce?!
  23. I’m guessing it’s an age thing, but I love that sort of ground.
  24. 6 of the 7 tests have been false positives when checked by the NHS so there is only 1 case and an inquiry is to take place as to how the wrong results were given. Also some controversy about Rangers playing a match when awaiting some test results. It seems the whole testing and results process needs sorted for football quickly before the season is threatened.
  25. What an occasion. What an atmosphere. What a game. What good goals. Will we ever experiance anything like that again? Had to listen to the replay on a transistor radio at the bottom of my in-laws garden in the pouring rain in must have been pissing everywhere that night. Still, Radio Scotland could just be made out. Ultimately disappointing.
  26. Why would we sign players right now when we would have to pay them money we don't have to sit at home doing nothing ? There will be an unprecedented number of players out of contract so recruiting will be easier than normal and I am certain that informal approaches and tentative offers will have already been made.
  27. My good lady and I held back from booking holidays that summer until we found out the opposition. We would have been very happy with a trip to Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Croatia, etc and would have happily gone for a week or 10 days. When we found out it was Romania we thought okay that sounds awkward and hoped for a better place in the next round. It was once we started checking out flights by our favourite airline, KLM, the trip all fell into place. Aberdeen-Amsterdam-Bucharest was a doddle and only 3 hrs 40 mins in the air in total. The hotel in the Bucharest Old Town and the airport transfers by private hire car were also booked through KLM, and combined with the flights worked out at £375 each. With the well organised buses, the match itself, the camaraderie with other ICT fans and locals we met, the cheap food and drink, all the sights and fabulous weather, we had one of the best holidays ever over the course of our 5 days and 4 nights trip. It was so memorable and we look back fondly on it, even although my other half doesn't care too much for football.
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