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  2. Biggin


    Slow filling up this year where are all the above named who played last year are they still on holiday come on chaps lets get these leagues filled
  3. Yngwie

    Russia - The World Cup

    It was a good tournament but personally still think the Brazil one was the best for ages in terms of entertaining football.
  4. mcdonnell761

    Cowdenbeath -V- Inverness CT

    I loved the look of Col and McCart in the back 4. Saw them in friendlies and the communication between the two was immense. Always shouting at the defenders and midfield. Controlling the formation and balls being played.
  5. Today
  6. tm4tj

    Robbo linked with Livi

    Game over, topic locked.
  7. TheMantis

    The Pre-Season Thread

    Brora Twitter says it’s on too, 7.45.
  8. Doofer

    Game 03 - Raith Rovers (H) 24th July

  9. Your predictions please for the above match. Please post your predictions in the following format:- HT: FT: 1st ICT: 1st Opp: Crowd: This thread may close automatically at the advertised k.o. time regardless of whether the match has physically kick off or not. The NPL results and table update for this game are expected to be available no later than: TBA
  10. Yesterday
  11. TheMantis

    Cowden Away

    Decent support after all. They were just having me on as it was my birthday last week. And Red Card had comps 👏
  12. Scotty

    Who would you like to see at ICT next season?

    I have reviewed the activity of all moderators and based entirely on that activity I have reduced this count from 10 to 5 : Moderators are now Mantis, Gringo, RiG, YngWie, and Kingsmills, all of whom, are and have been active in the moderator discussions and/or in actively moderating the site. TM4TJ and myself remain as Admins.
  13. IBM

    Cove Rangers Match

    It was 932 if anyone still wants to know.
  14. Caleyjag

    Game 02 - Cowdenbeath (A) 17th July

    Amended fgs Doran, crowd 456
  15. Kingsmills

    What would you like to see at Caley Thistle?

    My preference for the way that aim should be achieved would be for me to win the Euromillions jackpot !
  16. Scarlet Pimple

    Liam Polworth

    OOPS! Polworth may be turning into Poldark. .Let's give the guy a break and concentrate on the team performance this year. Why? Because it's going to surprise a few folks......
  17. Last week
  18. Scotty

    Results / Table - Game 01

    932 crowd according to
  19. Scotty

    Player Sponsorship 2018/19

    updated the post to reflect current sponsors.
  20. MorayJaggie

    Hearts game

    I was looking to see if tickets were available for the hearts game on 29th yet and looking on hearts fc website notice they are doing a great deal for the cup games 1 adult 2 kids £15 and 2 adults and 2 kids £25. Great way to encourage families to get along to watch football and get bums on seats.
  21. CaleyD

    Ex ICT Players Score

    Was it not in Betfred? If not, my mistake.
  22. Caman

    Season Ticket

    Thank goodness for that. I have been worried all week about it.
  23. Scotty

    Game 01 - Cove Rangers (H) 14th July

    Scotty ht - 2-0 ft - 4-1 1st ICT - Austin 1st Cove - Megginson Crowd - 994 SOS ht - 1-0 ft - 3-1 1st ICT - Oakley 1st Cove - Megginson Crowd - 725 Cdn Girl ht - 1-1 ft - 3-1 1st ICT - Polworth 1st Cove - Park Crowd - 1101
  24. bmills

    Caledonian FC and Inverness Thistle stats

    This is great news. I'd be happy to help out with the data inputting.
  25. LairdMattie

    New kit?

    Love the away top, I really think Black should be our away colour, however, I have given it time and I still cant get on board with this seasons home top. The red and Blue stripes should be our 'hing like Barca and Crystal Palace. Decent company to be with.
  26. caleyboy

    ICT Travel Club

    as Donald would say: You people are doing a fantastic job - well done! Off to golf now but I'll take my helichopter.
  27. We are very close to launching our revamped new membership and renewal process/system, so if you are happy to wait a couple of weeks then this will allow you to sign-up online, in person at a home match or via a postal form. We can send you a form right now, but you would still have to go through the renewal process as we will be using that as our baseline and introduction for everyone to the new member setup. If you want a for now, then message me privately and I will arrange to get one to you.
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  29. Caley Stan

    Reporters wanted for season 2018-2019

    I'd like to do a couple of previews later on in the season.
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