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  2. Care for a wager my man St Mirren will beat them they were on a decent run of form and Utd have a tendency to bottle big games
  3. The ghosts of Neville Chamberlain and Ramsey MacDonald have ceased to argue about which one of them was the worst Primd Minister since the union of the parliaments both recognising that the present incumbent is now unchallengable in that respect. Perhaps though, only until the next one.
  4. There will be a number added and the special anniversary game need not necessarily be pre season. The fact that we are beginning to publish them already is further well one evidence of improved communication and PR.
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  6. They are good at staying up and tbf take thro a fair few young players tiny budget they do ok ! They're defo nobody's 2nd favourite team tho!
  7. and where it goes right we give them credit. Its called balance and you used to look for it !
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  9. TBH its been my first season down and I enjoyed quite a number of games. Watched a few duff ones but overall there was generally an intention to attack even if the execution wasn't quite up to it in every game. The games against County were pretty barnstorming - particularly the Dingwall scrap around Christmas. -tive The atmosphere isn't magic but the difference in watching a game at Highland RFC, where everyone gets behind and is very positive towards the team, and some of the abuse hurled at home players at ICTFC, was a bit of an eye opener. Yes you pay money and theoretically you can then yell what you want, but offering pearls of wisdom such as "You're sh*te" isn't exactly helpful or funny. Seems like a few grumpy folk winding themselves up even further! Cant be good for the blood pressure. +tive Enjoyed a lot of the U18 games. Shame they didn't get more of a run about in 1st team, but if they stick together there's a core who I'm sure can do something good for Inverness. Don't want to keep harking on about HRFC but out of their team thats just gone to Div 1 18 out of the squad 23 have come through their youth system. Its the way to go.
  10. Na! Na! Kingsmills, She is an office boffin up country in a main office and I suppose she can wear a Shetland Cardigan or something like it when she goes to work. Besides ,she recently was awarded a citation for 25 years of "excellent service" and for also putting together a presentation with her staff which convinced the Canadian Courts to act on prosecutions without having to process tons of paper......something to do with placing all evidence into/onto an online frame... so I think that she has some pull.
  11. Locking this topic as it is a non event to be honest as confirmed on the other Managerial topic: Dundee approach for Robertson rejected
  12. Rendall's Rambles#4 You can read all about the years 2003 - 2006 in the next chapters of James Rendall's ICT25 years........... There's nothing like a bit of nostalgia when the season finishes.
  13. McHattie isn't the best and unfortunately made two bad errors in the games against United which cost us goals but he has been pretty competent filling in and provides us with some cheap cover. Content for him to be used as a squad player but wouldn't want him starting too many games.
  14. WEll… least it would have to be with Satan in charge! Of course that then raises the ugly thought of what we would have to do with John R. Hostility would then be part of the ticket price and would waken up all the fans who proclaim to be supporters but have rarely showed up this last season.
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  16. Hardly gave them a feast there Joe Chalmers ffs! We should actually try for links with a big English club like Sheffield Wednesday get some young boys up
  17. Jaysus it was all going so well and then someone went off one one. Did we over achieve under achieve or did we achieve what was really expected? I'm slightly confused as a North stander as I am neither a moany old man nor a 15 year old wannabe casual as I can't afford Chivas Regal or Stone Island. But I am a fan of the club and am as p1ssedd of with how it unfolded as anyone. But rightly or wrongly I do think we had a certain spirit about us in the run in which will hopefully kick on in the new season with a couple of good signings. Chalmers away - fine. Coll - maybe. Fine. Money talks, we need to deal with it and Robbo is doing so with the financial constraints we have until we can work out WTAF can be done to engage with the wider community and get gates back up - a different thread, I know. Tired, jaded, long season - that's just me. Back for more next year - already bought my season ticket (different thread I know) and working n being an old moany git instead of just a moany git. #ICTTID
  18. We are where we are. We might have been unfortunate to have been twice relegated from the top tier but it's no use crying over spilt milk. The important thing now is not how we fell out of the Premiership but how we get back there before we settle as a mid Championship side.
  19. Totally agree. Thank you Gringo. It does seem the younger generation in my house much better at this game than me!!
  20. Since the footie is now finished here is something completely different for you to muse over If you are thinking of emigrating from Scotland to Canada you will need to be reasonably well-off with the prospects of a good job being quite excellent because the cost of housing alone here is daunting? But you can hitch hike and thumb for lifts as you cross the country except that that process might take you many months. With a family that option is a non starter though. The following news article comparatively sums up the two main cities in Canada re costs of renting an apartment within their environs and that alone should give you cold feet. Except that, outside those two cities, costs are less depending on whether you opt for a city job elsewhere or just want to work anywhere, including the country towns etc. To put it to you straight there are many Provinces situated over a huge territory of West to East of well-over 2000 miles and ,eventually, you might find your niche . Bring money with you of course and if you have a family you will need to chose your spot carefully to ensure the kids go to good schools. Nevertheless this is a country where nobody generally gives a coon's ass from whence you come. Racism is at a very low minimum. For one thing we all have to get along to make the process work and people who look different to you are often very interesting and have some great immigration stories to tell you. If you live just outside Vancouver and you ask another Canadian where he or she comes from the answer might just be "Burnaby "or "West Vancouver" (two municipalities within the city boundary.)Smile. Except if you get to know them well then they know what you are wanting as an answer etc. And in any case nobody cares a hoot from whence you originated because we have all been immigrants at one time in the past ( a great leveller) and all of us have come from somewhere because of the circumstances that stifled us in our home countries probably, or just a wanderlust in our minds. There is no doubt , however, that this is a land of opportunity and if you are not a hard worker the odds of success may well be minimal...! This photograph is of Burrard Inlet where all the sea traffic, tankers ,etc., enter the Port of Vancouver from the Pacific Ocean to the right of the picture. Sea planes also regularly fly in and out of this part of the ocean. Now , as for rents well, they simply have paralleled the cost of house building in the city and these prices are very high nowadays compared to when I arrived here. You can convert the Canadian dollars that are quoted in this article by dividing the quoted sum by today's exchange rate , 1.66 , to yield the amount in pounds. Salaries are generally high to counter this shocking statistic. But, then , look again at the view in the morning when you get up which is always inspiring, right? Any questions just fire away. Cheers Scarlet
  21. Oooh that darn Spreadsheet, stuff of nightmares. Full credit for ironing out the floors and writing the code / marcos goes to CaleyD, blokes a legend. Without it there wouldn't be an NPL.
  22. I assume the answer is "no" because the games will not be held under the SFA's jurisdiction. But there is a lovely irony of him being appointed to the top job just a few days before being found guilty at a disciplinary hearing. I expect this irony will be lost on the SFA but it really should be an opportunity for them to finally acknowledge that there is a very serious problem with the standard of refereeing in Scotland.
  23. Any truth in the rumour that John Hartson is signing for us ?
  24. I think opening up SPFL to promotion from the lower leagues has been a really positive move. It has allowed lower league teams to have some ambition whilst at the same time forcing some of the lower level SPFL teams to pick up their ideas if they want to remain in the system. This arrangement has been a huge success in England. The concern for me is where there is only one promotion place available, particularly in a situation like in the SPFL where that place is not automatic but subject to a play-off. This can result in a log jam where there may be several teams at the lower level who are actually better than several in the tier above. This is a bigger problem in England where the leagues mostly have 20 or more teams, but it might be more appropriate to have the team coming bottom of the SPFL being automatically relegated and the team next to bottom going to a play-off. Good luck to Cove, though. I think they will do well next season.
  25. Taken from BBC website: Even getting players from League One. I'll need to keep a eye on the lowland league next season.
  26. Mulraney now has 4 career goals. This boy is hot.
  27. Children's strips were made without a sponsor when it was alcohol companies
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