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  2. Mark Rogers

    NoS Cup v Forres

    Does anyone know if the Morton game will be moved or will the NOS final team be younger players plus any first teamers not on the subs bench on Saturday. Reason I ask is that I'm on hols at Fort Augustus from 25th Sep to 18th Oct so would like to plan for either 2 or 3 games to see Caley. Thanks.


    Inverness Caledonian Thistle Football Club is enhancing its supporter liaison operations to help improve communications between supporters and the football club. Through existing Club communication channels, we will deliver all aspects of the Supporters Liaison Officer duties through a number of Club employees, rather than one dedicated person. In addition to the resources available from right across the Club to cover the duties of the SLO, we are developing additional mechanisms with other affiliated groups and organisations who want to play a key role in discussing the issues and asking the questions that most affect them and the fans they represent. This means that the supporter liaison role is effectively covered by a number of people within the Club covering the key areas of ticketing, operations, match day experience and communications. One person is nominated as Supporter Liaison coordinator, who is responsible for ensuring that all Supporters Liaison Communications and Feedback are dealt with by the correct department and that the necessary actions are delivered. A Supporters liaison Officer email is now active with the address below [email protected]
  4. wynthank15

    Inverness CT -V- Partick

    PS I too apologise for being off topic couldn't help myself after reading RIG's comment.
  5. CaleyCanary

    NAPS Competition - Game 07

    Edinburgh City @ 2.87 ta...
  6. Northern_jaggie

    Top of the League and your no

    Making their way down from the County of Ross a few days early....
  7. Scarlet Pimple

    Word Association

    Jock MacKay! Hoch! Hoch!
  8. I am taking my 8 year old son to the Derby on Saturday and bought us tickets in the middle of the singing section. I am now thinking I've done the wrong thing, as if people are standing he won't be able to see, plus choice language which might upset him. I've phoned the club and they are happy to swap the tickets tomorrow, but the only tickets left are at the very edges of the stand which isn't ideal either. So - Is there anyone on here who has 2 tickets that they would be prepared to swap for or 2 singing section tickets?
  9. CaleyD

    Ross County - 22nd September

    Reminder also that a supporters bus IS running for this game. Departs from the Social Club at 12:15pm (they are serving food from 11am) and then picks up from Railway Terrace at 12:30pm. There are still seats available to book online at Any unsold seats will be available on a walk-up basis on the day....but this will be strictly first come, first served.
  10. bughtmaster

    Game 12 - Queen of the South (H) 29 Sept

    H T: 1 - 0 F t: 2 - 1 1st ICT White 1st Opp Doyle crowd 3490
  11. bughtmaster

    Game 11 - Ross County (A) 22 Sept

    H T: 1 - 2 F T: 2 - 4 1st ICT Polworth 1st Opp Draper crowd 4963
  12. Last week
  13. RiG

    Patrick another 3 points!!

    I think Alan makes a fair point. Players do often fit better at particular clubs and at ICT, for the most part, there isn't too much pressure on the players a lot of the time, they don't have their every move criticised and in a lot of cases they can perform (or not) and not feel too much in the way of wrath from supporters. You need only look at the likes of Meekings, Ross, Williams and Vincent who all went to Dundee and all have either moved on or are seriously struggling for form and incurring a lot of stick from supporters. In recent seasons perhaps only Christie, Shinnie and Watkins have really gone on to better themselves after leaving ICT. Most other players have seen their careers stall or go backwards again.
  14. In the last update we provided a bit of information on each on the ICT Supporters Trust board members (the “Who”) and I want to take the time in this one to cover off a bit of the “Why” by laying out the Purpose and Objectives of the organisation....followed by a run down on a few other matters. The following information is lifted from the Trust Rules, which you can download in full by clicking here. COMMUNITY BENEFIT PURPOSE The Society’s purpose is to be the vehicle through which a healthy, balanced and constructive relationship between the Club and its supporters and the communities it serves is encouraged and developed. The business of the Society is to be conducted for the benefit of the community served by the Club and not for the profit of its members. OBJECTIVES The Society’s objects are to benefit the community by: being the democratic and representative voice of the supporters of the Club and strengthening the bonds between the Club and the communities which it serves; achieving the greatest possible supporter and community influence in the running and ownership of the Club; promoting responsible and constructive community engagement by present and future members of the communities served by the Club and encouraging the Club to do the same; operating democratically, fairly, sustainably, transparently and with financial responsibility and encouraging the Club to do the same; being a positive, inclusive and representative organisation, open and accessible to all supporters of the Club regardless of their age, income, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexuality or religious or moral belief. For the most part, the above is pretty self explanatory and it's clear that the remit of a Supporters Trust runs way beyond what would be expected from a more traditional supporters club which operated very much for the benefit of it's members. As explained previously, the focus of the board on the run up to the AGM on the 6th December 2018 has, and will continue to be, getting the organisation back into a position to more actively pursue it's objectives. You will hear more from the board on that in due course as we'll be proposing some projects and gauging members opinion on where the trust priorities should lie. NEW MEMBERSHIP SYSTEM Jen Aitchison (Trust Secretary) has been working hard to review the options open to us for creating a more efficient and streamlined membership system. Past endeavours and a desire to avoid costs has, quite literally, resulted in an even larger cost because the organisation has lost contact with it’s members and ended up with lists which are out of date, incomplete or otherwise not particularly accessible or user friendly. For that reason we have taken the decision not to try re-inventing the wheel and spend a small amount of money on a system which is designed and developed by a third party. Aside from being more robust, it frees up a bit more of our time to spend on other projects. Existing members for whom we hold a valid email address should have received communication asking them to log in and confirm the details we hold. If you have not received that email, please contact us on [email protected] and we will look into it. We will be contacting everyone else by other means. We’re not quite ready to open up to new members just yet, but all the parts are in place and testing has been done. Once we get it connected to the new website we’ll be good to go with accepting new members. NEW LOGO Although we have decided to make sole use of the ICT Supporters Trust name, we won’t be using the previously associated logo. For the most part that is a practical decision as it was difficult (and expensive) to reproduce….but we also think it would good to have a fresh new logo and that our members could have some input into what it should be. Details on how you can do that will be provided in due course. WEBSITE, EMAIL & SOCIAL MEDIA There’s nothing ready to see on the website quite yet (all the work is going on in the background) but the new online home of the ICT Supporters Trust will be and you can now contact us in regards to membership matters on [email protected] with immediate effect. Don’t panic, we’ll be redirecting old email addresses to the new one so we won’t miss/have missed anything sent to us via them recently….or over the next 12 months (at least). The sharp eyed among you will also have noticed that the name on our social media channels has already changed. If you already followed the Caley Jags Together accounts you will still be following us on the new name and if you don’t already follow us then the links are as follows…. Twitter : Facebook : - The URL has changed here and we are waiting on Facebook changing the page title. ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING As previously advised, the ICT Supporters Trust will be holding their AGM on Thursday 6th December 2018 (date and location to be advised). The process leading up to the AGM kicks off at the start of October and one of the requirements is for us to have an Election Management Group (EMG) in place at that time. As per our Election Policy the EMG members can not be serving board members (with the exception of the Secretary), persons standing for election or have a close association with anyone standing for election. We, the board, must appoint persons from among our members, with the exception of the EMG Chairman who must not be a member of the society. The EMG exists to ensure that the election is run in accordance with the Election Policy, to make the final decision as the eligibility of candidates, nominations and valid votes. They will also conduct the count. If this is something you are able to assist with, then please get in touch with us on [email protected] My thanks, once again, goes to the wider Supporters Trust Board for their ongoing diligence....and to our members for their ongoing support, patience and understanding. Best regards, Don Johnstone (aka CaleyD) Chairman - ICT Supporters Trust
  15. Buster

    ICT 25th Anniversary

    Fingers crossed we make it to our 25th Anniversary 🤞
  16. Biggin


    So here we are with the latest update following the International break ICT H2H Highest Scorer 94 Real Stoke FC Lowest Scorer 16 Icy Tea FC Highest Score Game 174 Real Stoke FC 94 - 80 Keira FC (have to feel sorry for Keira as that score would have won against any other team) League 1 Nite Rovers 13 (260) 2 Stokie Chap 12 (354) 3 Calthis 12 (336) 4 Real Stoke FC 12 (329) 5 Rovers Return 12 (319) 16 Relegation Favourite 6 (232) 17 Bayer Neverlusen 4 (255) 18 Craig's Duffers 3 (227) 19 Bored cold communist 3 (215) 20 Icy Tea FC 0 (208) Classic Highest Scorer 94 Real Stoke FC Lowest Scorer 20 Icy Tea FC League 1 Stokie Chap 354 2 Calthis 336 3 Real Stoke FC 329 4 Rovers Return 319 5 Lobobar 299 19 Urcal Girl 230 20 Craig's Duffers 227 21 Bored cold communist 215 22 Biscay Bandits 211 23 Icy Tea FC 208
  17. CaleyD

    FANS BUS : HIGHLAND DERBY : 22/09/18

    Please note that, having spoken to the Social Club, we can confirm that the bus will depart from there at 12:15pm and then head to Railway terrace for pick ups at 12:30pm. I'm told that the Social Club will be serving breakfast from 11am for those who want a bit of food before they depart 🍳 Can also confirm that if there are any unsold seats on the bus, then these will be available on a first come/first served basis on the day.
  18. Gringo

    NAPS Table - Game 06

    Game 06 RedCard 267 MrCaleyjag 253.7 Tichy_Blacks_Back 246.2 CaleyCanary 228 Caley Braveheart 222 SOS 221 Mrs Gringo 212.5 CDN Girl 206.5 mcdonnell761 205.5 Scotty 200.7 old caley girl 191.7 Joonya 183.5 Gringo 175 crownjaggie 162.5 ictrmd 140
  19. Gringo

    Results / Table - Game 10

    NPL Review for Game 10 Flipping heck Caley will you stop doing this to me please? Too close that for my liking but, hey, three points is three points. No maximums again this week. MrCaleyjag [Opp] and Scotty [ICT] got the only points in the First Scorer section. lilmissictbabe got the only Correct Score [FT] Kingsmills got the Crowd Section bonus – just 6 under. DoofersDad now returns to the top of the Leaderboard. Total Entries 29 Predicted Match results H: 25 D: 4 A: 0 The Results HT: 3-0 FT: 3-2 1st ICT: White 1st Opp: Spittal Crowd: 2424 Correct Predictions HT: 0 FT: 1 1st ICT: 1 1st Opp: 1 Crowd 5 pts: 15 Crowd 10 pts: 0 Crowd Bonus 2Pts: 1 Bragging Rights 11 - lilmissictbabe Jokers Played None Your Points lilmissictbabe 11 Kingsmills 10 MrCaleyjag 9 Caley Braveheart 8 crownjaggie 8 DoofersDad 8 Ictross 8 JodieC95 8 RedCard 8 Robert 8 CaleyCanary 7 Gringo 7 caleydawson 6 Caley Mad in Berks 6 caleyjag 6 Scotty 5 Doofer 4 Joonya 4 mcdonnell761 4 Tichy Black's Back 4 Cal's Thistle 3 JockWatt 3 Andrew Fraser 2 bughtmaster 2 caleycalum 2 CDN Girl 2 Mrs Gringo 1 old caley girl 1 SOS 0 TABLE - 10 01 - 60 - DoofersDad 02 - 57 - mcdonnell761 03 - 52 - Doofer 03 - 52 - Gringo 05 - 51 - Cal's Thistle 06 - 50 - Ictross 07 - 49 - Robert 08 - 45 - Caley Mad in Berks 08 - 45 - MrCaleyjag 10 - 44 - caleydawson 10 - 44 - JockWatt 10 - 44 - Kingsmills 13 - 43 - Caley Braveheart 13 - 43 - RedCard 13 - 43 - Tichy Black's Back 16 - 42 - bughtmaster 17 - 41 - crownjaggie 18 - 40 - CaleyCanary 18 - 40 - Mrs Gringo 20 - 39 - Andrew Fraser 21 - 38 - old caley girl 22 - 37 - JodieC95 22 - 37 - Scotty 24 - 36 - caleyjag 24 - 36 - lilmissictbabe 26 - 32 - caleycalum 27 - 29 - SOS 28 - 28 - Joonya 29 - 23 - CDN Girl 30 - 9 - caleymac 31 - 7 - Kind of Blue 32 - 3 - Hiro 33 - 2 - Gavroche 33 - 2 - ICTPAISLEY
  20. Gringo

    Results / Table - Game 09

    NPL Review for Game 09 That was a fine and pleasing away victory. Just a shame none of us NPL punters had that much faith No maximums in any section. Cal's Thistle got the Crowd Section bonus – just 226 under! mcdonnell761 returns to the top of the Leaderboard. Total Entries 30 Predicted Match results H: 8 D: 7 A: 14 The Results HT: 0-0 FT: 0-3 1st ICT: Rooney 1st Opp: -- Crowd: 5138 Correct Predictions HT: 9 FT: 0 1st ICT: 0 1st Opp: -- Crowd 5 pts: 0 Crowd 10 pts: 0 Crowd Bonus 2Pts: 1 Bragging Rights 9 – Cal’s Thistle Jokers Played None Your Points Cal's Thistle 9 CDN Girl 7 CaleyCanary 6 old caley girl 6 Andrew Fraser 5 Gringo 5 mcdonnell761 5 MrCaleyjag 5 Mrs Gringo 5 Caley Braveheart 3 caleydawson 3 Caley Mad in Berks 3 RedCard 3 Doofer 2 Ictross 2 JockWatt 2 JodieC95 2 lilmissictbabe 2 Scotty 2 Tichy Black's Back 2 bughtmaster 1 caleymac 1 caleycalum 1 caleyjag 1 crownjaggie 1 DoofersDad 1 Joonya 1 Kingsmills 1 Robert 1 SOS 1 TABLE - 09 01 - 53 - mcdonnell761 02 - 52 - DoofersDad 03 - 48 - Cal's Thistle 03 - 48 - Doofer 05 - 45 - Gringo 06 - 42 - Ictross 07 - 41 - JockWatt 07 - 41 - Robert 09 - 40 - bughtmaster 10 - 39 - Caley Mad in Berks 10 - 39 - Mrs Gringo 10 - 39 - Tichy Black's Back 13 - 38 - caleydawson 14 - 37 - Andrew Fraser 14 - 37 - old caley girl 16 - 36 - MrCaleyjag 17 - 35 - Caley Braveheart 17 - 35 - RedCard 19 - 34 - Kingsmills 20 - 33 - CaleyCanary 20 - 33 - crownjaggie 22 - 32 - Scotty 23 - 30 - caleycalum 23 - 30 - caleyjag 25 - 29 - JodieC95 25 - 29 - SOS 27 - 25 - lilmissictbabe 28 - 24 - Joonya 29 - 21 - CDN Girl 30 - 9 - caleymac 31 - 7 - Kind of Blue 32 - 3 - Hiro 33 - 2 - Gavroche 33 - 2 - ICTPAISLEY
  21. Scotty

    Sh*7e the bus

    This is all getting below the belt. Will have to ask the mods for a second and turd opinion.
  22. *** VOTING IN THE POLL ABOVE IS FOR PEOPLE WHO WERE AT THE MATCH ONLY *** If you were at the match, please use the poll above to vote for your top 3 players. As a bit of fun, we have also added an option to rate the referee .... Please make sure you vote for 3 separate players. If you make an error, let us know so we can fix it. PLEASE ONLY VOTE ABOVE IF YOU WERE AT THE GAME Anyone caught trying to cheat the system WILL be banned from voting in ALL site polls...this is your only warning. **NOT at the game ?** As a result of requests received, we have made a slight change to how these threads work for site users who watched the game on TV or listened to the full game live on the radio ....... You too will now be able to cast your votes, but should do it in the thread below, and NOT in the official poll above. Just list the three players of your choosing and award 5,3, or 1 point(s). You can give the ref a mark if you want too ! These votes will NOT be counted in the official total, as we only count votes from those who where actually at the game, but it IS a way for you to participate in the process .... which many people asked for .... a happy medium we hope !!!!!
  23. Scarlet Pimple

    Highland Pride

    Oddquine. I have a feeling that in due course other folks who also want to parade will also join the group -- not to draw attention to themselves as exclusive human beings but just for the gaiety and fun of it all. More bands will be attracted and want to march as well and it will simply turn into a festival of diversity, colour and congeniality relating to the different aspects of the human race. A merging of minds, moods and maybe general monkeying around like people in olden days used to dance round the maypole. Sounds like a lot of fun to me...….
  24. Scarlet Pimple

    Phone cases

    Well, IHE, there are a few head-cases to choose from on this site so fire away old chap!. I qualify and so would be happy to be I/C the gang......
  25. CaleyD

    Scottish Football Supporters Survey

    Reminder that the survey ends tomorrow.
  26. Caleyjag

    Female Fans Survey

    Done 😊
  27. Scarlet Pimple

    U18's Season

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