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  1. Personally I'd like it to be McCan, but feel like we've probably spoken to him about it, and he clearly doesn't want to take it permanently as we wouldn't be advertising the job.  Just my thoughts.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Kingsmills said:

    Season not over yet. An uphill battle but that point gained in such adverse circumstances might yet prove crucial.

    We somehow need to find a way to win our three remaining matches starting away at Tynecastle on Saturday.

    Not an easy task now but we are still capable of achieving it.

    Only 2 games left.

  3. Apologies for opening a new topic, but wasn't sure where to put this one. Was just wondering if there were going to be any cash gates tomorrow night? Going to be in Edinburgh tomorrow but not going to be able to make it to either stadium today to get tickets. 

  4. 1 hour ago, old caley girl said:

    There will only be a limited choice. In that I mean which sections are currently open. However you will be able to choose your seats within the areas that are open. Singing section in G5 I believe.


    That makes sense.  Thanks.

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  5. I'm also disappointed that I can't choose my seats.  Think I might go to the stadium tomorrow for tickets.  Will they be able to guide on which are decent seats?  I know the east stand is not great but I was thinking somewhere near the corner flag and up high would be OK?  Would also like to be under cover as well, just in case!  For the Scottish Cup final we were towards the front of the east stand, luckily the weather was very kind!

  6. 12 minutes ago, MorayJaggie said:

    Sorry that doesnt prove he was onside. He looks to already be a leg and arm past coll and has the ball being struck yet? Zooming in he looks offside.

    Can't score with an arm so doesn't matter if that's offside or not.

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