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  1. You got any links or emails to other campaigns? I am MORE than happy to coordinate in any way with other groups who are trying to pressure the SPL into doing the right thing. Only way mine is different, right now, is the threat to basically withdraw support to our OWN clubs. That seems to be the best way to force OUR club's owners down the route of telling the Old Firm (and their lackeys) where to get off.
  2. Hi folks, Hopefully one or two of you might remember me (I'm a Hearts fan) from a couple of years ago when all the hoo ha was going on over the Old Firm charging their disgusting 5% tax to sell tickets for away games. Well, now I'm back :0) First off, I take my hat off to your manager, Terry Butcher, for his comments on the BBC last night - you should all petition Highland Council to get the man given the key to Inverness. Secondly, please have a wee read and sign this (if you wish) http://www.gopetition.com/petition/42156.html Feel free to place the link to the petition o
  3. I think your travel sickness suffering neighbours might have something to say about that! :028: GOOD!! Their moaning and grousing about having to travel up the big, scary A9 really gets my goat! The more they have to do it the sooner they will shut up about it.
  4. The wee man is doing quite well actually. Had a pretty slow start due to the last manager not using him much but he seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds under Jefferies. He seems to be the kind of player that JJ likes.
  5. Just wanted to come on and say well done to all you Caley supporters and to each and every member of your squad and club in bouncing straight back up to the SPL. I have said before, and I will say again, the highlands NEEDS SPL football. That is the only way to stop the constant drain on your potential support to those in (especially the "big two") in the central belt. Oh, and as a Jambo, it also gives me tremendous pleasure to hear the whingeing that has already started in Leith about how Inverness is such a long way to travel for their poor wee cotton wool clad players!! I rea
  6. Just wanted to say that both myself and HM1874FC (my good lady) are feeling REALLY sorry for you guys right now!! Here's hoping you can bounce right back to where, as far as I am concerned, you belong!!! All the best!
  7. Here's what our city "neighbours" are thinking for today... You can see ALL of their comments here >>> http://hibs.net/message/showthread.php?t=151066 Nice bunch ain't they? Just one more reason for this jambo to want you guys to stay up!!! AND I hope that Hibernian FC NEVER EVER take a full 3 points home from the Caley Stadium! Get stuck right into those Grangemouth Ethylene breathing clowns today guys and girls!!!
  8. Hi folks I just wanted to GENUINELY wish you all the best for Saturday against Falkirk. I really believ that the Highlands not only desrves but NEEDS an SPL side. It's bad enough, having been born and raised in Edinburgh, to see so many Celtic and Rangers tops on kids. Now that I have moved up here it really sticks in my craw to see those tops floating about. Only a long, long spell in the SPL will see Caley be able to bring a new generation of fans through that have no wish to travel to Glagow to see the ugly sisters. Anyway, enough ranting and, again, GOOD LUCK guys and girls
  9. Excellent, well thought out reply mate. I have my own individual issues with Hearts. THIS situation is about much, much more than Hearts. The very reason the blog for example is dressed in totally neutral colours is for that very fact. At the end of the day (if you want to be picky about the situation) I could sit back like a lot of Hearts fans HAVE and say "We're not paying the 5%, so why should we care about the rest?". YOUR club IS paying the full 5% but for some reason you would rather have a cheap dig at a HEARTS fan who is trying to stand up for ALL the non Old Firm clubs! Furt
  10. Possibly mate. But the SPL have already responded (within 6 hours) to say the letter HAS been passed to Lex Gold. Which is more than 9 out of the 10 clubs could be bothered doing.
  11. Hi folks, There are a few new additions to the anti 5% petition blog. You can see them at http://viewfromgorgie.blogspot.com Cheers
  12. Hi folks, Just thought I'd drop in and keep you all up to date oon the latest happenings with the "anti 5% petition". Since I can't be bothered to type it all up on 13 or 14 different forums.... ....you can read the latest updates here> http://viewfromgorgie.blogspot.com Cheers
  13. Hi folks Just taking a little opportunity to update you all on the current state of play regarding the petition against the Old Firm 5% ticket charge. The petition is currently standing at 2209 signatures. When you condider that this petition is less than a month old, that is a fantastic total so far. So, thanks again to all who have already signed. If you can think of anybody who does not know about the petition but may like to sign it please tell them. This message (as with the previous updates) will be posted on the following forums. Aberdeen - www.afc-chat.net Dundee
  14. Hi folks Another little update on the petition for you. Currently we are standing at 1879 signatures. Yesterday I sent the open letter to another couple of journalists. And today I have created a blog site ( http://viewfromgorgie.blogspot.com ) where people will be able to keep up to date with what I am up to with the blog. You can also choose to subscribe to the blog so that any time a new piece of information is posted you will be the first to know. Thanks again to all those who have already signed and let's try to keep the word of mouth advertising going so we can p
  15. Hi Folks Just a little update on the petition for you. First of all. To those of you who have already signed it. THANK YOU! If we shout loud enough, this CAN be stopped! As some of you might know already, the petition has been signed by Tam Cowan and received a mention in his column in Saturdays Daily record. How much this promoted it I'm not sure yet as unfortunately the address of the petition was not mentioned. But it was a nice gesture by Tam all the same. Yesterday I wrote an open letter to the chairmen/owners of the 10 non Old Firm clubs telling them that the petition
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