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  1. It will be good to see Golly in ICT colours again... he's always been a great servant to the club :) I would also like to thank Hastings for his many years of service...12 I believe! Good luck mate.
  2. No, but I do know him. From what I know GEO is speaking the truth, good luck for the future Dale!! I have heard the same thing. Not surprised really. Are we seeing the way things really are? Good luck Dale! You got talent it will just have to be used elsewhere. Maybe not a bad thing.
  3. A few facts... Richard was at the game on Saturday. Not even asked to dress (hasn't been asked for some time) and would have been one of the most derby experienced players on the pitch. Richard has not trained with the 1st team for quite some time...Butcher's decision. 2 tier system. Those he likes and those he doesn't. Richard has given 12 years to the club. Richard is still in his testimonial year and is still due a game. Richard was not working on this deal last week...it was a last minute one. Can't say I blame the guy. Whether you like a player is irrelevant...shocking treatment is what this is called. Very sad day. Good luck Richard!
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