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  1. Thanks guys, for the great away. On thursday we left with oure minivan nicely decorated to inverness. The last long road is indead like hell, like you told !!

    We stayed on the bunchcre car & camp park an it's a nice camping.

    We enjoyed your guys hospitallity and patient with us :)

    Yesterday we finally arrived, but the bus supporters just arriverid this morning, they had some problems with the bus.

    Hope you guys enjoyed it as mutch as we did and have a nice feeling off the antwerp lads.

    Movies will follow shortly

  2. If anyone's planning to drive all the way from Antwerpen then good luck :ttiuwp:

    A word of warning about the A9 from Perth to Inverness: it can get rather busy and slow, as much is just one lane each way. And in August there will probably be lots of Dutch tourists driving slowly and towing caravans, gawping at the mountains :)

    Yes, we're going to come with a van from Antwerp. We drive to calais to take the train, and from folkestone we drive to you guys. We did it the same way last year in fallkirk.

    Only thiis time we are going to leave antwerp on thursday night, and hope to arrive friday during the morning. So therefore my question, is ther a good camping around there where we can go out, and not have to go or drive to long to the stadium?

    My best regards from antwerp

  3. If you like alcohol, walking, hills and scenery, more alcohol, boats, more alcohol, meeting people, alcohol, then there's plenty to occupy your time. Hope you all enjoy your stay.

    When it's on the official site, we will have a better sight how many lads are coming. I will be there with a van with 7 extra persons.

    Hope to arrive at friday the 6th in the morning, to visit the local pubs ,......

    I hope there will be a lot of us, but no doubt about it, it will be a party !!!!

    We all follow the antwerp , over land and SEA

    !! :P

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