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  1. Hi Highlanders (How I love that part of Schotland :021: )

    I'm one of the hundreds, not to come over to Iverness this year (**** the job!)

    We've got a generally young team to play against (numeral 22 years old!)

    Especially have an eye at number 2 (central defender and black one), he's not technical very good, but he's very good in heading duels. His name is Thomas Phibel. Watch him!

    Our first supps did arrived normaly yesterday, so don't get nervous about them ( they could be a little bit noisy :107: !

    I hope our team,R.A.F.C., and supps, gets a good result at your ground and it'll be a very fairy and a very good lead up to the next season :022: !

    Cheers mates!!!:_thumbup:

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