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  1. I remember two of the news agencies mentioned, with crystal clarity: Ward's (of Eastgate) and Bowes (on Young Street). They were (for a number of years) owned by my grandfather, F Gordon Harper, who was - at one time - a Baillie on the Inverness town council. As, indeed, was his older son, Frank Harper who famously won the MC in 1956 for bravery during the Mau Mau Campaign in Kenya. My mother was Gordon Harper's daughter, and we lived in Surrey in the south of England, due to my father's job. But every year, we came north to Inverness to see our grandparents - Gordon & Ina - who
  2. My grandfather, F. Gordon Harper, used to own and operate a bakery on Telford Street in Inverness, not very far from the old Inverness Caledonian football stadium. It was either named "The Telford Bakery" or "The Highland Bakery", although I must admit I'm not sure. This was long before I was born, and all of that I know has been told to me by my mother, Helen, who was Gordon Harper's daughter. I believe my grandfather bought the bakery in 1930 or 1931 upon his return from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. In 1937, he sold the bakery to an Englishman named Commander Vyner, who had co
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