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  1. With regards to clach none of the development girls are interested in going to clach .they were quite happy as Inverness city but got told that they had to accept a name change to ict .they were also told about all the fantastic great things that would be coming along with the name change ,health and nutrition, help with fitness goalkeeping and general well being things like that .they have sent numerous emails to the club to see if they can help in any way. The club wont let them use the club badge for their Twitter page .the club has no interest in giving them equipment ,help or even tickets for a game and now ignore the coaches requests .they are kicking off this Sunday against caithness with no identity in any way shape or form to say they are ict girls. The club also refused use of the minibus as they have to travel to Lewis, orkney etc .the team is fantastic and have 26 girls aged between 14 and 28 .they are hoping next week to start recruiting u15s for a team in that league next year .as things stand ict will not even give them jackets to use round the schools
  2. Great results for the senior girls team at the moment after a few false starts and they are starting to look a team .as for the development squad I spoke to a Ict coach at the game today who had never heard of our development squad .absolute joke and no wonder they are making plans of leaving the club .clach will be stealing a march on the development squad side of things .the development squad will be taking their plans for their youth system elsewhere as Ict have not met them or are the slightest bit interested .watch this space 😂
  3. This is great news for the club and I’m sure the women’s team will do fantastic and I for one will be at all the home games at millburn on a Sunday .as you might have seen in my earlier posts on this thread my niece plays for the girls development team which are 35 girls strong . And of course she pushed me to post any info to inform and also raise a wee bit of awareness in what’s happening with girls /women’s football in Inverness .Unfortunately ict are not interested in their team and Won’t be offering any help towards the development team .for me that is dissapointing and for her she is gutted .so the club isn’t exactly being pro active in the youth side of things but have forced their youth section to change their name to ict girls fc . They will be running around in Inverness city strips and tracksuits for the foreseeable future which is a bit strange considering the name change 😳😬😀
  4. No not at all, announcement this wk and I hope everyone gets behind the 2 teams and makes it a success which will then start a youth system and produce more fans and more interest in the club .
  5. And that’s the type of stuff that is non proactive and not going to help our girls teams.i was going to post fixtures and updates and generally keep everyone up to date about these teams ,but it’s going to be a long season for them if it’s going to be constant **** taking and to be honest the club doesn’t deserve to move forward and have these teams .hopefully city might see sense
  6. Yes absolutely ,but also you have the s.f.a handbook brigade round Inverness who don’t think out of the box and follow what the s.f.a teach them .these coaches are like zombies who set Ajax boxes and rondos up but don’t know why and the purpose for setting them up .also the Barca model came into play a few years back where coaches were trying to teach the Barcelona way to kids who couldn’t even do the basics eg first touch ,5 yard pass etc
  7. I understand where your coming from and if it comes across as bitter it certainly wasn’t meant to be or a slight to the club .what I kind of mean is grass roots coaches don’t get the opportunities that pro clubs get .badges which are required now at any level cost money and pro clubs can freely send coaches regardless of experience thru them .clubs like city ,good grassroots clubs round Inverness can barely afford pitch fees transport etc also I’ve coached round Inverness for over 40’years seen hundreds of over qualified coaches make an erse of it .hopefully they will encourage the coaches that are in women’s football in Inverness and it would be good to see an experienced guy in like ross jack ,Danny etc that’s all I was really meaning .
  8. Would be good if the club actually spoke to the city coaches as they are fearing for their roles .so far they have offered nothing except a name change .they will probably come in get rid of the Inverness city coaches and replace them with young guys who have had their badges funded by the club with no idea
  9. Within the next year the club are looking to have girls teams at u13 //u15 //under 18 and development level. I know the current coaching set up city have as I’ve said my niece is in the development squad and it’s well run and set up with great enthusiastic coaches who give up a lot of time .one problem they have is they don’t have enough girls currently for the various age groups so if anyone knows daughters nieces sisters etc that want to try out I can get the contact details up here .lets support it and see where it goes .
  10. I know for a fact Inverness city ladies and Inverness city girls are self funded so if anything name change to begin with .hopefully it will encourage more girls especially teenage so the club can fill the girls leagues and grow from there and the girls can go up the age groups to the senior team . It would be good for them to speak also to Donnie weir at thistle girls as they have a pathway with Inverness city .all this info is coming from my ict mad niece who plays for city girls and is really excited about this
  11. Hi guys I have heard from a very good source that Caley Thistle are starting a ladies/girls team . . They are merging with Inverness city ladies and an announcement is due in the coming wks .also Inverness city girls are their teenage girls team and also are changing there name to Caley Thistle girls fc .this can only be good for the club .i know there teenage team is very talented and have an excellent coach and play football the right way and train down at millburn every Sunday morning so if anyone has teenage daughters that can string a pass get them down as I know they are entering a newly formed highland league .the senior team I believe are going to be managed by Karen mason and will continue to play in div1 hopefully this will raise the profile of the club. thoughts ?