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  1. Yep totally agree with you! I think it is a society problem, its a parenting problem and its an ignorant person's issue with low self confidence which is manifested through acts of verbal aggression. Sure i felt down and a bit bewildered at our game plan against Partick (and im no expert) but i would never shout the comments at Polworth or Mackay after they made a mistake. If its any conciliation, i wanted to applaud Storey when he came off. He was awesome for us in the premiership and he excelled up the wing on sat, bravo young man :)
  2. Good! Im quite happy if they don't go to matches, go to aggression anonymous instead.
  3. Ha ha! Lol, yeah totally! I don't want a steak pie thrown at me, too scrummy anyway and what a waste :)
  4. Lol! I learn my lesson and wont identify myself to the fellow caley fan clan :):):)
  5. Aye fair enough, guess it depends what kind of job one does and that.
  6. Take your point, but why should i approach a steward and vindicate myself to the aggressive element in our fan base. The stewards should be automatically intervening.
  7. I personally think it always constitutes abuse! What positive spin on shouting your playing s..t can you take?
  8. I just think negativity breeds negativity and weakness. Would you take the equivalent of somebody shouting like that at you in your workplace?
  9. Thanks bud, that will be a first for me in here :):):)
  10. To an aggressive, loud, offensive fan initiating proceedings - not a perfect response, but yes justified in the circumstances.
  11. Yep thanks for that bud, totally agree with you. No matter what people say, it boils down to needless bullying and aggression. Some people really need to remember its just a game and get a grip.
  12. Hi all, i'm going to bring up a touchy subject and stand shoulder to shoulder with John Robertson. Every week including the Partick game on Sat, there's a tiny pocket of Inverness fans who throw needless verbal, personal abuse at our players/management and the opposition. I was sitting at far right towards Partick end and had to listen to a grandad shout aggressive/offensive/derogatory remarks towards the pitch. This comes from the mouth of a man who has his grandson and son with him, yeah nice pal, great role model for the youth of tomorrow. Thanks for partly spoiling my experience to when i just want to watch the game. If you want to conduct yourself like that, do it behind closed doors in your own house. The huge majority of fans are pure dedicated, brill and supportive. I looked over when john was commenting to a fan who was clearly being offensive and gold star Robbo! In todays eera and our team and management being so highly professional, who would really take kindly to a plonker shouting obscenities. I was guilty of not getting behind the team more; after a superb result against Ayr, i was expecting goals galore from us. Its impossible to sustain that level twice in a week, the boys were and are a credit to themselves and the city. Lets be more positive and get behind the team by starting with a verbal flurry of support; come on the Caley! - we should be proud and the 12th man always and provide the support and encouragement to our boys.