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  1. I've now had a chance to speak to 2 of those in the know and heres my facts without any personal opinion pokes at anyone so scotty can chill. - Graham Rae is on the whole a good bloke. He didn't want the job, but took it on and in the many times where cash was needed quickly to get to the end of the month or pay the bills and wages, he got out his chequebook. we should remember that although he needs to realise that loans in football don't get repaid and this canna last. but he did appoint the CEO and she well bullied staff and didn't produce the goods herself. shed have been found
  2. Just heard rumour that Danny MacDonald resigned last week. True or not? Had enough of being mucked around? What happens now with youth and all the coaches. Who'll be the next in queue to exit. why ? why? Will he nail them in court/ If true then a real shocker for fans, robbo and another kick in the ........ for the staff who will be abs gutted and buckets of cash from sfa will disappear .  
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