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  1. Brilliant ideas chap. And as a darts player, the board would be a cracking addition! Thanks very much.
  2. Thanks very much, unfortunately it had sold before I got to it! Thats a start though, it's the first one I've seen for sale since I started looking. Thanks again
  3. Hello folks, I've trawled the internet for years now in an attempt to find a Caledonian FC shirt for my beloved father. He was and still is Caley Daft, an old time Howden Ender, and it would mean the world to him to own a shirt again. If anyone has one they're willing to sell or can point me in the right direction to find one, please let me. It would mean the world to me. Thanks.
  4. Hello folks, I'm hoping for a massive favour! I've trawled the internet now for many years searching for an old Caledonian FC shirt as a present for my dear father. It would mean the world to him to own a shirt again after all these years. He was and still is Caley Daft! If anyone has one and is willing to part with it, please let me know! Thanks very much.
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